Bombing Spain

In 1966, the US accidentally dropped four armed thermonuclear missiles on Spain. Later, when transporting them back to the US, one of the missiles rolled off the boat and into the ocean. The US and Russians then raced to see who could find the nuclear warhead first at the bottom of the sea.

We are from the government, and we are here to help you.

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TimesMachine: January 20, 1966 –

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  1. tom0mason says:

    Disculpe pero somos parte del gobierno estadounidense, y estamos aquí para ayudarle a quitar de la tierra del planeta.

  2. Bob Knows says:

    There are several errors in this article, The US plane carrying the bombs broke up in the air and its cargo of bombs fell. One fell into the sea near a fisherman who later reported where he had been fishing and seen it fall. It DID NOT roll off a boat while being transported. Russian ships came to watch but did not compete for finding the weapon. Nuclear weapons are triggered by conventional chemical explosives — which detonated in one or more weapons that fell over land and spread nuclear materials in a limited area where they fell. The US dug up many tons of contaminated dirt and hauled it to the US for disposal. After that event, US weapons research at Los Alamos worked hard to produce chemical explosives which would not detonate in a fire or crash, and modified all American bombs to prevent any future similar dispersal. The US also stopped routine or training flights carrying nuclear weapons.

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