Getting Rid Of The 1940’s Blip

Our Climategate buddies told us that they wanted to get rid of the 1940’s temperature blip, without even knowing why it existed.

ScreenHunter_1872 Aug. 11 08.22

And that they did. The graph below shows the progression of data tampering since 1981 of the global surface (land only) temperature record. In 1981, Hansen showed strong global cooling from the 1930’s through the 1970’s. He got rid of most of that cooling by 2001, and now the same interval shows strong warming.

ScreenHunter_1871 Aug. 11 08.19

The 2001 and 2014 data sets are located here:

2001 version :……./FigA.txt
2014 version :

At the time, there was a unanimous consensus that the Earth was cooling, but James Hansen is just plain smarter than the NASA scientists in the 1960s – who were still able to put a man on the moon.

ScreenHunter_1763 Aug. 08 05.57

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18 Responses to Getting Rid Of The 1940’s Blip

  1. But Steve, every time they revise the data they improve it. You can’t just rely on thermometers, you have to use “science” 60 years later to tell us what those thermometers really meant.

    I don’t think those 1940’s farmers knew how to use thermometers anyway. They probably didn’t know what time of day to remove them from the cow’s rectum.

  2. omanuel says:

    Thanks, Steven, for couageously using your talents to demonstrate the fraud disguised as consensus science.

  3. I’d use this in a letter to the edtior of our local (Winston Salem NC) paper as proof of what the AGW crowd is doing, except they have adopted the policy of refusing to print letters (and news articles!) that dispute the “settled science” of global warming because “they will just confuse our readers”.

    • Hugh K says:

      Richard – Please take a look at the following link, specifically Sept 8th –
      The alarmists have already attempted to have Dr. Happer disinvited. Hope you can make it to the talk in support of Dr. Happer. Thanks!

      • Gail Combs says:

        This time I gott out of google and got the actual info.

        Colloquia are held Monday afternoons in 265 Phillips Hall at 4:00pm. Tea and coffee are served at the speaker’s reception in the Chapman meeting area, 3:30pm. The student Q&A will be held in Phillips 277 after the colloquium (~5:15-6pm). These talks are meant to be of general interest to all faculty and students in physics and astronomy. All interested are invited to attend….

        Sept 8 “Why has there been no global warming for the past decade?”
        William Happer, Princeton University

        The temperature of the Earth’s surface has not changed by more than 0.1C since the year 2000, and it may even have cooled slightly. Most computer models predicted that the increase of CO2, from about 370 to 400ppm during that period, should have caused a warming of around 0.3C. There are many possible reasons for the failure of the models, but one may be insufficient careful attention to important and often neglected details of how CO2 molecules really absorb and emit radiation in the Earth’s atmosphere. Some of the physics in question is related to early work by Princeton’s Robert Dicke on collisional line narrowing.

        Please Note: Location change to 215 Phillips Hall

    • Dave N says:

      “they will just confuse our readers”

      Makes one wonder what they might have done if they were publishing during the time of the discovery of heliocentricity, or even as recently as the confirmation of continental drift; live in their own little fantasy world?

  4. DakotaKid says:

    In 2003 I found the Law Dome and Vostock Ice cores at the The Carbon dioxied and Proxy temperature data (hydrogen deuterium ratio data) were published together both in graphical and numerical form. The data were clear, when processed numerically, that increases carbon dioxide levels followed global warming and similarily carbon dioxide levels dropped following global cooling. The delay was 200 to 500 years.
    The parallel and most recent carbon dioxide data were removed from the avaliable data ice core data around 2005.
    Secondly the carbon dioxide proxy data are averages as the cells containing air in glacial ice do not seal for about 200 years in the Antarctic and Greenland environment. We do not have the instantaneous (annual) carbon dioxide levels in the ice cores; this implies we have neither the peak nor trough levels of carbon dioxide, but 200 years year running averages, with exchange between the air pocets in glacial ice.
    The data have been moved to NOAA and less of the data are avaliable than were avalable in 2003.

  5. Eliza says:

    Keep it up SG. We will be finding it harder and harder to get to the original files as they try to erase all memory of the past.This is hard definite proof and it must hurt them… but its going nowhere and that is the problem, getting it out there on mainstream media.

  6. Eliza says:

    Dakota Kid = Kid explains a lot LOL

  7. Anto says:

    Most powerful graph yet. Thanks, Steve.

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