Massive Reduction In US Drought Over The Past 80 Years

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Eighty years ago, nearly 80% of the US was experiencing drought. Now that number is less than 15%.


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9 Responses to Massive Reduction In US Drought Over The Past 80 Years

  1. daveandrews723 says:

    But I thought “the science is settled.” The President even said so. Or, as my old news director used to say (jokingly, thankfully)… “Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story.”

  2. cg says:

    MI usually has spongy, soggy soil after a natural rain. Ever since Obama has pressed his foot on the accelerator peddle on ChemTrails and GeoEngineered Rainfall – even after a rain fall the ground is hard like a rock and has holes in it for Africanized Bees and Rabbits to burrough in. Metals must be affecting the soil after the metal filled clouds dump man made rain on us. I live between two huge Great Lakes and our lawns and grounds do not look healthy nor normal.

  3. I live in California where Congress, in cahoots with their radical environmentalist donors, cause droughts.

  4. Ragtag Media says:

    This has been one of the wettest summers in a long while here in the upper midwest.
    There is worry that there may not be enough rail cars to haul the bumper crops to mkt.

  5. Fred from Canuckistan says:

    Damn that evil CO2. We really miss the good old drought days, but now that CO2 is causing them to almost disappear, we must all stop driving our SUVs

  6. Rosco says:

    The science is settled !

    Obviously climate change is a good thing if there is less drought, less tornadoes and hurricanes and increasing crop yields together with significant increases in life span over the “global warming period”.

    We just need to convince the psychopaths who insist on denying any share of the improvements to the billions of our fellow humans kept in poverty by the denial of cheap energy – the obvious source of the beneficial climate changes.

  7. realakula51 says:

    It’s so sad just how snowed the media have the average person…sigh

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