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Hot Summers Are A Thing Of The Past In Michigan

Summers used to be much hotter in Michigan. Maximum temperatures have dropped about 1C over the past 90 years. Heatwave duration has plummeted. In 1921, Owosso had 21 straight days over 90 degrees. The longest stretch the last two years was … Continue reading

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NOAA/NASA – Biggest Fraud In Science History

All of the key climate data from NOAA and NASA is tampered and fraudulent.  

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1990 IPCC Report – No Acceleration In Sea Level Rise

Sea level criminals want you to believe that sea level rise is accelerating. But that isn’t what they used to say. 9.3.3 Accelerations in Sea Level Rise Is there evidence of any “accelerations” (or departures from long-term linear trends) in the … Continue reading

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Recycling The Identical Global Warming BS From 70 Years Ago

Seventy years ago, the New York Times was writing the identical BS as they are today. Warming Arctic Climate Melting Glaciers Faster, Raising Ocean Level, Scientist Says – NYTimes.com A decade later, they were warning of a new age Nothing … Continue reading

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More Massive Sea Level Fraud At NASA

In 1982, NASA showed only 8cm (3 inches) of sea level rise from 1880 to 1980 (0.8 mm/year) and almost all of that occurred prior to 1950.  pubs.giss.nasa.gov/docs/1982/1982_Gornitz_etal_1.pdf They have since doubled 1880 to 1980 sea level rise to 1.6 … Continue reading

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President Obama Piles On His Arctic Stupidity

But a very serious reality lies within those breathtaking sights: And that’s the fact that this state’s climate is changing before our eyes. A couple of days ago, I stood on rock where, just ten years ago, there was a … Continue reading

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Bus Or Bike?

I rode the Boulder buses for the first time today. They have an incredible bus system here, with buses running every few minutes and take you wherever you want to go. I’m going to take the bus to the airport … Continue reading

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Today’s Featured Climate Fraudster – Heidi Cullen

Spectacular fraud from Heidi Cullen and Climate Central. They show an increase in heavy precipitation events in the US since 1950, and blame it on global warming. Their graph is both correct, and completely fraudulent. What they did was cherry … Continue reading

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