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Elon Musk Achieves Climate Intergalactic Stupid

Elon Musk wants to nuke the Martian ice caps, in order to release CO2 and warm the place up. Making Mars habitable is a goal of some very smart people, mostly because one day — either due to environmental disaster, … Continue reading

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More On Joe Romm’s Spectacular September Fraud

Joe Romm claims that September didn’t used to be hot in the US, and that CO2 is making it hotter. The U.S. Is Still Sweating Out Heat Waves In September. Why? | ThinkProgress This is blatant straight up fraud. By … Continue reading

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More Spectacular Fraud From Joe Romm

The climate mafia now simply lies about everything. Labor Day weekend usually means that the U.S. is done with heat waves for the summer. But not this year. Southern California hit well over 100 degrees Wednesday, putting it easily on its … Continue reading

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Smoking Gun Of NASA/NOAA Temperature Fraud

In 1978, every data source showed that earth had been cooling for 30 years. TimesMachine: January 5, 1978 – NYTimes.com NOAA showed significant cooling at all latitudes, and all levels of the atmosphere. journals.ametsoc.org/doi/pdf/10.1175/1520-0493(1978)106<0755%3AGTVSMA>2.0.CO%3B2 NOAA showed that temperatures were decreasing, … Continue reading

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Florida Hurricanes Occur Half As Often As They Used To

www.aoml.noaa.gov/hrd/hurdat/ushurrlist18512009.txt In the 1870’s when CO2 was below 300 PPM, Florida averaged one hurricane per year. Now they average one every two years, and have had no hurricane strikes for almost ten years. President Obama went to Florida a few … Continue reading

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115th Anniversary Of America’s Deadliest Hurricane

On September 10, 1900, Galveston, Texas was destroyed by a hurricane which killed 10,000 people – almost one third of the population. CO2 was a very safe 300 PPM at the time. 14 Sep 1900 – INTERNATIONAL NEWS. The Galveston … Continue reading

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Where Is The Cooling?

In 1974, scientists reported a large drop in global temperature since the 1940’s. TIME Magazine Archive Article — Another Ice Age? — Jun. 24, 1974 In 1961, there was unanimous consensus that Earth was getting colder. SCIENTISTS AGREE WORLD IS … Continue reading

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Obama Healed Alaska!

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Starting Graphs In 1979 – World Class Fraud

NSIDC publishes graphs like this, so that climate morons can think they are seeing a long term downwards trend of 2 million km² ice loss, and imagine they are really intelligent. By starting their graphs in 1979, NSIDC is cleverly … Continue reading

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