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The Negative Cost Of Carbon

Besides saving countless billions of dollars in fuel costs, fossil fuel powered climate change has produced four consecutive years of record, or near record low US tornado activity. Not to mention record low US hurricane activity. Exxon should get a … Continue reading

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Climate Change A Boon For Bloodsucking Journalists

These Giant Arctic Bloodsuckers Are Thriving On Global Warming | TIME The Arctic has always had giant swarms of mosquitoes. The pictures below were scientists in Siberia circa 1910 searching for the Tunguska meteor. They had to say in mosquito netting … Continue reading

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Massive Increase In Oldest Thickest Ice Next Week

Next week is the week when NSIDC celebrates their Arctic birthdays. I generated the animation above showing that the amount of 4+ year old ice will more than double next week, spelling further disaster for climate alarmists. All of the … Continue reading

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The Left Half Of NASA’s Temperature Fraud

Half of NASA temperature fraud is manufactured by cooling the past. In 1981, Hansen showed a little over 0.3C surface warming from 1880 to 1980 pubs.giss.nasa.gov/docs/1981/1981_Hansen_etal_1.pdf Now they show almost a full degree warming from 1880 to 1980. Fig.A.gif (656×446) … Continue reading

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Visualizing NASA’s Spectacular Sea Level Fraud

In 1983, NASA’s James Hansen showed 9 cm (3.5 inches) of sea level rise from 1880 to 1980, or 0.9 mm/year.   pubs.giss.nasa.gov/docs/1983/1983_Hansen_etal_2.pdf NASA now shows twice that much sea level rise from 1880 to 1980 – 1.8 mm/year Climate … Continue reading

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NOAA Takes Temperature Fraud To An Entirely New Level In August

The criminals at NOAA have outdone themselves with their August temperature fraud, showing record heat over the land surface – by a wide margin.   Satellite data shows that August was about average for the last 20 years, and nowhere near a record. … Continue reading

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