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Guardian Says They Could Have Predicted The Hiatus Which They Also Say Never Happened


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Stunning Evidence That Guardian Writers Are The World’s Stupidest People

Global warming causes permanent drought, floods, the demise of skiing, and harsh snowy winters.

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Climate Models Are A Farce

Based on climate models, DMI predicts 7-8C warming during winter and spring in Greenland. Greenland’s future climate The DMI’s high resolution (25 km) calculations of regional climate change in and around Greenland up to 2080 based on the A1B scenario … Continue reading

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1825 Fire Burned 2.5 Million Acres Of Canada In Nine Hours

Recent “record breaking” fires are miniscule compared to fires from 190 years ago. The 1825 Miramichi fire in New Brunswick burned 2.5 million acres in nine hours, killing everything in its path. 19 Sep 1908 – Historic Forest Fires. LARGE AREAS … Continue reading

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Selling Snake Oil In Texas

Last year, climate fraudsters said global warming causes drought in Texas. Worse global warming effects ahead for Texas, federal report says | Dallas Morning News This year, the same pack of criminals say that global warming makes Texas wet. Global warming … Continue reading

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CBS Fire Fraud Of The Day

Across the West this year, wildfires are burning hotter and faster. Flame-resistant cameras give experts new view on wildfires – CBS News This has been one of the quietest years on record for fires in New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming. … Continue reading

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