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Holdren’s 1980 Solar Forecast – Off By A Factor Of 1000

In 1980, Obama science czar John Holdren predicted 25 quadrillion BTU’s of solar energy by 2010. TimesMachine: April 9, 1980 – NYTimes.com So how did he do?  He missed his forecast by more than a factor of 1,000. Actual solar … Continue reading

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The Extreme Stupidity Of The Scientific Consensus

Nearly every academic in the country believes that Venus is hot because of the large amount of CO2 in their atmosphere, which they say is “trapping the Sun’s heat.” It is trivial to demonstrate that this theory is mindless nonsense. … Continue reading

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Greenland Temperatures Plummeting

Barack Obama’s climate fraud depends on fear of Greenland melting and drowning Florida, so you won’t hear any government agencies discussing the fact that Greenland temperatures are plummeting and are the coldest since Mt. Pinatubo erupted in 1992. NASA takes their standard approach … Continue reading

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47% Increase In Arctic Sea Ice Since The 2012 Minimum

We  have just passed the date of the 2012 Arctic sea ice minimum, and the extent of ice is up 47% from that date. Green shows gain, red shows loss since 2012. Government funded experts, leading journalists, and Nobel Prize … Continue reading

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Updated US Heat Records

I found a problem in my code yesterday which was causing me to measure days over 101 degrees instead of days over 100 degrees. Here are the corrected graphs. One hundred degree days in the US occurred twice as often during the 1930’s as they do … Continue reading

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Pope To Present His Theory Of Climocentricism

The Pope will explain to Congress that humans are the center of the climate universe, and that we are morally obligated to accept mindless interpretations made by political hacks, of spectacularly fraudulent government climate data. Meanwhile climate cult activists tell … Continue reading

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