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Climate Change Has Brought Street Flooding To Florida

Before climate change, we had floods that killed three million people. But now we have real problems, with minor street flooding in Miami and Detroit. Barack Obama hopes to restore the climate of 1931. 30 Sep 1931 – CHINA’S FLOOD Yangtse Aftermath … Continue reading

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Something Rotten At NCEP

Joe Bastardi tweeted this NCEP analysis to me, and alarm bells immediately went off in my head. The 1953 NCEP map is nonsense. September, 1953 was an incredibly hot month in the eastern US, from start to finish. Most of Illinois … Continue reading

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Letter From The Slime Of The Earth

LetterPresidentAG Originally at : http://www.iges.org/letter/LetterPresidentAG.pdf before they erased it. It is still on the Web Archive here: http://www.iges.org/letter/LetterPresidentAG.pdf until they have that erased too.

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September, 1953 – An Incredibly Hot Month

Most of the US rarely gets up to 100 degrees any more – particularly in September.  But during September, 1953 a huge swath of the eastern and midwest US was over 100 degrees.  The animation below compares September 1953 with … Continue reading

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More From America’s Very Hot Past

On this date in 1953, Palestine, Illinois was 104 degrees, 30 degrees warmer than today. They had four 100 degree days during September, 1953. Palestine, IL hasn’t had a 100 degree day in September since 1991. One hundred days there were common … Continue reading

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100% Consensus

Among satellites which study Earth’s temperature, 100% of them agree that Earth is not warming. Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs vortex.nsstc.uah.edu/data/msu/v6.0beta/tlt/uahncdc_lt_6.0beta3.txt By contrast, 100% of climate models are wrong. Climate Analysis | Remote Sensing Systems So how do climate experts respond to … Continue reading

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Climate Alarmists Propose That Teachers Execute Skeptical Schoolchildren

London climate alarmist group 10:10 has proposed that teachers execute skeptical schoolchildren in the classroom. 1010

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Mindblowing Fraud From The President Of The United States

The president of the United States made this spectacularly fraudulent claim about scientists. There isn’t one smidgen of truth to Barack Obama’s claim. The only relevant survey on this topic showed that barely half of scientists believe global warming is primarily … Continue reading

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Mindblowing Fraud From Gavin And Tom In Victoria

  Wilsons Promonotory is the southernmost point in Victoria. Satellites show that there has been no warming there since the start of records in 1978. ftp://ftp.remss.com/msu/data/netcdf/RSS_Tb_Anom_Maps_ch_TLT_V3_3.nc As of 2012, GISS showed no warming since the start of records in 1880. Data.GISS: … Continue reading

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NASA Comedy For The Day

About once every ten years, NASA comes up with a fake story about life on Mars. This helps keep funding coming in for their climate scam. Check out the comedy below : Martian salt streaks ‘painted by liquid water’ By … Continue reading

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