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NOAA Massively Ramps Up Their Temperature Fraud Ahead Of Paris

As of last year, NOAA didn’t show much, if any August warming for almost 20 years. That didn’t suit Barack Obama’s agenda, so they simply changed the data to make the hiatus disappear. This year’s version : 201508.gif (813×525) Last year’s … Continue reading

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September 17, 1862

On this day in 1862, 23,000 soldiers died at Antietam, Maryland. That was one soldier killed every two seconds for 12 hours. It was the bloodiest battle in US history, and the beginning of the end for the Confederate Army.

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Maryland Dogs

This Irish Setter was charging out of a backyard to come get me on my bicycle this morning, and ran right out in front of a truck. I doubt the driver ever saw him. Irish Setters are not known for attacking … Continue reading

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Record Growth Of Arctic Sea Ice

Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut Arctic sea ice extent is normally hitting its low right now, but this year has grown several hundred thousand km² since the beginning of the month. This is due to cold air … Continue reading

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No Change In Greenland’s Ryder Glacier For 40 Years

Greenland’s Ryder Glacier has been growing the last few years. The map below from the USGS in 1976 shows the glacier margin. http://pubs.usgs.gov/pp/p1386c/p1386c.pdf h/t Andy Oz The next image overlays the 1976 map on the 2015 image. The glacier hasn’t changed … Continue reading

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Climate Science – The Most Dishonest Profession Of All

The Guardian has announced that the collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet “has already begun.” Western Antarctic ice sheet collapse has already begun, scientists warn | Environment | The Guardian Forty years ago, scientists announced the same thing. The Evening … Continue reading

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Raising A Generation Of Climate Drones

Check out this brainwashed  17 year old climate drone. Local political officials recently committed Park City, Utah to the front lines of the international struggle to avert catastrophic global warming by signing on to Climate Reality‘s “I am Pro-Snow” campaign. … Continue reading

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Midwest Summers Have Gotten Much Cooler Over The Last 120 Years

The frequency of 90 degree days has plummeted in the US Midwest over the past 120 years. Climate experts do everything they can to hide this information, which destroys their global warming fraud.

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The US Was Much Hotter Before 1960

Prior to 1960, 100 degree days were much more common and covered a much larger area of the US than they have since 1960.

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