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Today’s Featured Climate Fraudster – Thomas Pederson

Global-warming deniers cherry-pick their facts The cherry-picking season in the Okanagan is over, but it’s alive and well on the letters page of this newspaper, with a classic example via the tired meme: “The planet has warmed very little since 1998.” Hmmm … Continue reading

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Going Car Free

I’m on my way to DIA on a city bus. Once I get to DC, I’m going to take the Metro to the train station and take a train to where I stay west of Gaithersburg. I will be using … Continue reading

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NASA’s Spectacular Antarctic Temperature Fraud

Back when he still pretended to be a legitimate scientist, Gavin Schmidt reported that Antarctica was rapidly cooling – during a period of rapid CO2 rise. Shindell, D.T., and G.A. Schmidt 2004. Southern Hemisphere climate response to ozone changes and greenhouse gas increases. … Continue reading

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Shortest Melt Season On Record In The Arctic

Using DMI’s 30% concentration ice as the measure of extent, 2015 was the shortest melt season on record in the Arctic. Ice peaked around March 25, and bottomed around September 3. The melt season was about three weeks shorter than … Continue reading

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Friday’s Featured Climate Fraudster – Heidi Cullen

Heidi Cullen is engaged in her standard spectacular climate fraud today. Like she always does, Heidi cherry-picked a cold year in the 1970’s to start her map. But if we look at the entire US temperature record , we see … Continue reading

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