More Off Scale Fraud By NASA

Gavin and NASA have done so much data tampering to the global temperature record since 1999, they had to nearly double the size of the Y-axis. And as an added bonus, they erased the cooling from 1940 to 1970 – just as they planned to do.


Note that they have adjusted data far outside their own error bars, by an obscene margin.


1999 version : 1999_Hansen_etal_1.pdf
2015 version: Fig.A.gif 

From: Tom Wigley <>
To: Phil Jones <>
Subject: 1940s
Date: Sun, 27 Sep 2009 23:25:38 -0600
Cc: Ben Santer <>

It would be good to remove at least part of the 1940s blip, but we are still left with “why the blip”.

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3 Responses to More Off Scale Fraud By NASA

  1. Rick says:

    I would think it’s obvious, but apparently not:
    See the label on the y-axis? “Temperature Anomaly?” That’s based off of an AVERAGE of all the years that are on the graph. The first graph averages from 1880 to 1999, whereas the second graph averages from 1880 to 2015. Because the temperature since 1999 has CONSISTENTLY RISEN (Which you cannot possibly look at the graphs above and tell me is false; the rate of change of the mean temperature is overwhelmingly positive), what’s considered the “average temperature” is higher. The two lines are identical, the 2015 one is just “expanded” more because the temperatures in the range used are more extreme, and the average for those temperatures is higher than if it were to be limited up until just 1999.

    I hope I explained this well.

    • tonyheller says:

      You have no idea what you are talking about. Both graphs use NASA’s standard 1951-1980 baseline.
      The baseline makes no difference anyway. What is interesting is the magnitude of their data tampering, which is the difference between the two graphs.

      What an idiot.

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