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Fundraising At NSIDC

Boulder is the world’s epicenter of climate fraud. Check out today’s fundraising BS from NSIDC. Scientists who have been raising alarms about the endangered ice sheet of West Antarctica say they’ve identified a key glacier that could pose the single most immediate threat … Continue reading

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Certainly Uncertain

On October 1, NOAA’s cone of certainty for Joaquin extended from North Carolina to long Island. Six days later they are certain Joaquin is headed for somewhere around Ireland. Their certainty is quite literally all over the map.

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Lies, Damned Lies And Thousand Year Rainfalls

USGS has made the press hysterical with their fake “thousand year rain” claim in South Carolina, which is now “biblical.” They pulled exactly the same nonsense here in Colorado two years ago. Note the small region in NE South Carolina which received 16 … Continue reading

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