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Settled Science Update

Over the last 18 hours, the projected path of hurricane Joaquin has shifted dramatically to the East. But climate models can tell you the temperature in 100 years within 0.01 degrees.

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The Price Of Freedom Is Eternal Vigilance

The White House is engaged in a massive climate scam, which involves many billions of dollars and has infected the academic community. They are currently planning to attempt to silence whistleblowers, via intimidation and kangaroo court RICO prosecutions. The last … Continue reading

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Karma Strikes Back Against Climate Criminals

Climate criminals engaged in racketeering, recently asked White House climate criminals engaged in racketeering – to prosecute unfunded skeptics who are exposing their criminal behavior. Projecting your own criminal activity is a dangerous thing, but a common mistake of people with a … Continue reading

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1967: 43 Years Of Global Cooling

In 1967, National Geographic predicted 43 years of global cooling In 1976, they followed up with this idea.

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Moron In Chief Talks About Russia

You just can’t make up stupid and treacherous like Barack Obama. 2012 Obama says Romney called Russia our ‘No. 1 enemy’ | PolitiFact 2008 Sarah Palin predicted in 2008 that Putin would invade Ukraine if Obama was elected | World … Continue reading

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Arctic Sea Ice Continues Its Record September Growth

Arctic sea ice had its shortest melt season on record, and has seen record September growth. Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut Government funded climate experts say that the Arctic is ice free. The End of the Arctic? … Continue reading

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Nine Years Since The New York Times Announced The End Of Winter

In 2006, the New York times announced the end of winter and said that winter temperatures in the Northeast had increased 4.3 degrees. With Warmer Weather, Different Decisions to Make – New York Times There has been no change in … Continue reading

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Climate Fraud Could Devastate The Reputation Of Science

Ten years ago, climate scientists made this prediction The Argus-Press – Google News Archive Search Since they made that brilliant forecast, California wine sales are up 33% 2014 California Wine Sales Grow 4.4% by Volume and 6.7% by Value in … Continue reading

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