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It Only Takes One Progressive To Destroy A Community

Shocking Before-And-After Photos: How Wind Parks Are Devastating Idyllic German Countryside!

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Reader Quiz : Which Way Is My Train Moving?

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50% Of Reported Global Warming Is Due To Post 1999 Data Tampering

In 1999, NASA reported 0.6C warming from 1882 to 1996. Now they report almost twice that much warming from 1882 to 1996. Note that the alterations have been far outside of the green error bars, indicating incompetence, fraud, or both. … Continue reading

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Gavin Takes Climate Cynicism To An Entirely New Level

Gavin just bumped recent global temperatures up so much that he had to add a new Y-axis grid line at 0.8°C. Shortly after doing this, he announced that the odds of a record warm year had increased. No mention from Gavin … Continue reading

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Saving Manhattan!

Sea level at Manhattan has been steadily rising about 2.84 mm/year since Abraham Lincoln was president, mainly due to land subsidence. President Obama believes that he can slow the rate of sea level rise at Manhattan, by making electricity prices … Continue reading

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Count Me In With The 97% Consensus

I’m 100% in agreement with the 97% consensus. The human activities of data tampering, fraud and collusion have caused most of the warming over the past century.

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Eminent Scientists Warn Earth Is Drying Up – Martian Style Irrigation Systems Needed

In 1923, many eminent scientists warned that the earth is drying up, and that we would have to build an ingenious global irrigation system, like our neighbors on Mars did centuries ago. 10 Jul 1923 – IS THE EARTH DRYING … Continue reading

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