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Gavin Doesn’t Need Any Actual Data

In the 1990 IPCC report, they showed that there was insufficient temperature data for analysis in much of the Arctic, most of the southern oceans, and all of the Antarctic. In 1978, scientists agreed data south of 30S was too meager to be … Continue reading

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Obama Praises Gun Bans And Confiscation

This week, President Obama praised the idea of gun bans and confiscation – like the Nazis did in 1938 immediately ahead of the Holocaust. Middlesboro Daily News – Google News Archive Search He is doing the exact opposite of what … Continue reading

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Union Army Was Complicit In Genocide

Before General Custer carried the Union Flag to massacre Native Americans, he was one of Abraham Lincoln’s heroes at Gettysburg and Appomattox. On June 29, 1863 Custer was commissioned to brigadier general of volunteers and assigned to command a brigade in Kilpatrick’s division. … Continue reading

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At NOAA And NASA, Error Bars Mean Nothing

The map below shows all of NOAA’s Joaquin forecast tracks since September 30 at 11:32 PM. It also shows their “Forecast Uncertainty” from September 30 in turquoise. Their current forecast is thousands of kilometers outside of their September 30 “uncertainty” … Continue reading

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The Evolution Of National Geographic’s Spectacular Climate Lies

In 1976, National Geographic correctly reported that Earth’s temperature varied from 50F to 61F during the span humans occupied the planet, and that most of human existence was typified by extremely cold weather which would not support civilization. (Chicago was under a … Continue reading

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Spectacular White House Climate Fraud On The Great Lakes

The White House claims that Great Lakes ice is disappearing, and that US seasonal snow cover is decreasing. Rising temperatures across the U.S. have reduced lake ice, sea ice, glaciers, and seasonal snow cover over the last few decades. In the … Continue reading

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