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Minnesota’s Extreme Past

On February 15, 1936 Ada Minnesota set their all-time cold record of -53°F. Less than five months later they set their all-time hot record of 111°F on July 6, 1936. That is a spread of 164 degrees. On this date … Continue reading

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Netherlands Massively Increasing Their Coal Capacity

Holland is famous for windmills, which they have been using for hundreds of years, yet are massively increasing their usage of coal. Dutch power stations use more coal – DutchNews.nl Much of the Netherlands is below sea level, but they use … Continue reading

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IPCC And New York Times – Lying About The Climate For At Least 15 Years

Fifteen years ago, the IPCC announced that the North Pole was ice-free for the first time in 50 million years. Ages-Old Icecap at North Pole Is Now Liquid, Scientists Find – NYTimes.com Apparently 1958 is more than 50 million years … Continue reading

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Record Sea Ice Growth

Record September sea ice growth continues in the Arctic. Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut Nobel laureate Al Gore says the Arctic is ice-free since 2014

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Forecast Moving Much Faster Than Joaquin

Joaquin has hardly moved over the last 24 hours, but its forecast track has moved thousands of miles to the east.

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