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New Ways To Visualize NASA Temperature Fraud

I’m trying out some new ways to help people visualize how NASA data tampering has nearly doubled 1883-2003 warming since 2005, and how they made the hiatus disappear in 2015. The next graph shows only the five year means at the … Continue reading

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The Hockey Stick Made The Western US Livable

The wettest century in the western US was the 20th century. The time when CO2 was rapidly rising, and when climate experts claim temperatures were rising in an unprecedented hockey stick. California drought: Past dry periods have lasted more than 200 … Continue reading

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Little Ice Age Drought Drove Farmers From The Plains States

Climate criminals blame Great Plains droughts on CO2, global warming and evil white farmers. But a drought during the Little Ice Age in 1690 drove aboriginal farmers out of the Great Plains, with CO2 at pre-industrial levels. TimesMachine: February 1, 1937 … Continue reading

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Greenland Blowing Away All Records For Ice Gain

Greenland is blowing away all records for ice gain this year. They have gained almost 200 billion tons of snow and ice over the past two months, which is more than 50% above normal. The surface of the ice gained … Continue reading

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New York Times Debunks Their Own Spectacular Lies About Forest Fires

The New York Times claims that this year had record forest fires in North America, and that it was caused by warming temperatures caused by CO2. They say that Putin and the Russian media are lying about this topic. Western … Continue reading

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