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CNN : Strongest And Dangerous Storm In History Produced No Major Damage

Being a climate alarmist means never using your brain. Ever. Under any circumstances. Hurricane Patricia weakens in Mexico; flood threat remains – CNN.com The storm must have had that special kind of CO2 based energy which doesn’t interact with objects or … Continue reading

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1967 : National Geographic – Solar Cycles Control Climate

In 1967 National Geographic predicted global cooling for 45 years, and said glacial movements and climate are driven by solar cycles.

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National Geographic 1976 : Scientific Consensus For Global Cooling

In 1976, National Geographic reported a scientific consensus for global cooling.

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Hillary Was Right

Barack Obama wants to prosecute anyone who disagrees with his climate fraud. He has endless time to attack skeptics, but no time to debate them. Hillary Clinton had a different take, back when it was convenient for her. “I’m sick and tired … Continue reading

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1970 : Bhola Cyclone Killed Half A Million People

Forty five years ago the Bhola Cyclone hit what is now Bangladesh and killed 300,000 to 500,000 people. No hype – lots of destruction. Hurricanes: Science and Society: 1970- The Great Bhola Cyclone

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National Geographic Exposes Their Real Agenda

National Geographic wants you to live a short miserable life in the dark. They want you dead, and are lying to you about the climate and energy to get you to go voluntarily. Lets load them all up on their wind/solar powered … Continue reading

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The Hillary Witch Hunt

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National Geographic Goes Full Fraud Ahead Of Paris

How much fraud can National Geographic pack into one image? The image shows steam. They animated and colored it on their web site to make it look like fire. The record heat claim is the result of data tampering by NOAA. … Continue reading

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1959 Storm Was Much More Powerful

After all of the mindless hype yesterday about Patricia, they are now claiming landfall at 165 MPH. Puerto Vallarta never recorded wind speeds over 14 MPH, and the storm weakened to a category 1 shortly after landfall. Webcam as the … Continue reading

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New York Times : 165 MPH Winds Are The Strongest In History

Identical story as Typhoon Haiyan. Jeff Masters announces 200 MPH hours before landfall. The storm comes in much weaker, but the propaganda lives on forever. Hurricane Patricia Strikes Mexico With 165 M.P.H. Winds – The New York Times

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