The Price Of Freedom Is Eternal Vigilance

The White House is engaged in a massive climate scam, which involves many billions of dollars and has infected the academic community. They are currently planning to attempt to silence whistleblowers, via intimidation and kangaroo court RICO prosecutions.

The last thing they would want would be whistleblowers like me (who would blow their scam wide open) on the witness stand, so it is safe to assume that whatever they are planning will involve gag orders and secret tribunals under the guise of “national security.” It would be the equivalent of the Bush administration prosecuting Iraq war dissenters.

As a preventative measure, I am posting this information now, and it will stay at the top of my blog. I would like to see it spread far and wide.

I have no ties to any energy industry. I do not receive any funding other than small donations on my blog, which work out to much less than minimum wage over the past decade. I have never had any discussion with any skeptic which involved any suggestion of spreading misinformation. Quite the opposite, skeptics work tirelessly to expose the massive big dollar climate fraud being perpetrated by the White House, government agencies, and academia.

I am a life-long environmentalist. I testified at my first Congressional hearing in support of a wilderness area while still in High School. I worked to get the Clean Air Act passed. I volunteered as wilderness ranger for the United States Forest Service for two summers. I do all of my personal transport by bicycle or mass transit, unless it is more than 40 miles or no safe route. I would love to see 95% of cars off the road, but lying about the climate is not an acceptable way to get there. I have a wonderful, full life, enjoy every minute, and want the next generation to have the same opportunities I have.

I have worked on many mission critical projects for government and industry, including The DOE’s nuclear waste disposal site safety analysis report, imaging systems for military drones, and critical spy software used by the US military. I have worked as a contract software developer on climate and weather model development for the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado. I have been a key player on design teams of many of the world’s most complex electronic designs. I am an expert in signal processing.

I have spent thousands of hours analyzing NASA/NOAA climate records using my best engineering, signal processing and science skills. I have done this with no financial motivation, and no motivation other than finding out the truth.

I have concluded that much of their climate data is flagrantly fraudulent. This is the biggest science scam in history. Let’s get this word out to everyone, and shut this unbelievably expensive scam down once and for all.

Not convinced? Look how NASA has tampered with their own sea level and temperature data.

NASASeaLevelRise1983-2015 GISS1982_2002_2014_2015 GISSUS1999-2015

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48 Responses to The Price Of Freedom Is Eternal Vigilance

  1. chuck says:


    Would it be possible to add links to other social media sites other than twitter?

  2. You have my greatest respect.
    You are proving flawed ideas and false claims to be wrong at a tremendous speed.
    That is science as science is supposed to be.
    If so called scientists had your integrity and followed your practice, rather than relying on inductivism and justificationism this would be a better world.
    An idea, hypothesis or a theory is merited by the severity of the tests it has been exposed to and survived – and not at all by inductive reasoning in favor of it.

  3. Antonio says:

    You can testify on behalf of the environment. You may have worked on mission critical projects at NASA. You may be a life-long environmentalist. You may go everywhere on a bicycle and not even own a car. You may be an expert in software modeling and DSP. You may not be receiving one red cent from any corporation.

    Even so, the liberals will do everything in their power to destroy you, because you dared to leave the plantation. Good luck, and may God help you.

    • Foo says:

      “You can testify on behalf of the environment. You may have worked on mission critical projects at NASA. You may be a life-long environmentalist. You may go everywhere on a bicycle and not even own a car. You may be an expert in software modeling and DSP. You may not be receiving one red cent from any corporation.”

      And he’s completely wrong in almost everything posted here. Funny.

  4. Edmonton Al says:

    I, too, am grateful for all that Tony has done.
    He is a true scientist, researcher, and engineer that cannot tolerate falsehoods, cheating and lying.
    I have sent numerous e-mails of his postings to Government officials, Academics and authors of pseudo-scientific papers.
    Thanks Tony.

  5. Pete J. says:

    If you get a chance to ask a question perhaps you can ask if they have any predictions about how past temperatures will change even more in the future and by how much.

  6. Eliza says:

    Thanks Tony maybe AGW is coming to an end maybe a lot sooner than we thought

    • rw says:

      Don’t bet on it. Here’s why by way of example. In a recent issue of the Spectator there was a (fawning) book review of a new book that tries to exonerate Alger Hiss – and claims that the poor innocent was railroaded by Richard Nixon. Now, for those people who know the story, this case has long been closed (see Spies by Haynes et al., Chapter 1). Nonetheless, the Left is evidently once again trying to revive it. Now what does this have to do with AGW? Simply this: the Alger Hiss business is just more evidence that the Left can never give up on its fond beliefs. I suspect that the reason for this is that their whole raison d’etre is bound up with these self-serving fantasies. If these fantasies really aren’t true, they’re not only not the Special People Who See the Light, they’re just a bunch of dorks. Now think about how much they have invested in AGW (think, say, about the dozens and dozens (or is it hundreds?) of Guardian articles on the subject; think about the endless rants of people like Joe Romm; in this context think about the behavior of Peter Gleick, who moreover has never acknowledged any wrongdoing). Some (many) of these people will be banging on this drum until their dying day. And one of them is our dear President. So there’s still a long slog ahead.

  7. Ross says:

    Tony — Always good to take insurance but I hope it isn’t needed. Having said that I think you are right that they will get more and more desperate and that is because I think Paris will be a flop ( and they might know it).

    It looks like the weather might plays its part like it did in Copenhagen.
    I think the ploy with the Pope failed.
    Interest in Paris from the general public is low given the “Google forecasts” as shown on WUWT
    European countries will not have the money to throw around given the costs of the refugee/ migrant problems.
    Mr Putin has rubbed it in Obama’s face with the Syria issue and will delight in doing the same in Paris. The Russians think AGW is a scam.
    Even the UN’s own survey shows AGW is at the bottom of the publics concern list.

    But despite this list, to which many more items could be added ,there will be the big positive declaration at the end and promises will be made, but as with other COP meeting very few of those promises will be met in the future.

  8. cheshirered says:

    Tremendous work Tony.
    You have repeatedly exposed leading climate science authorities as being manipulative, cheating liars, so it’s hardly surprising you may feel threatened. (Truly hilarious that THEY sought to impose RICO charges against sceptics when they are the ones doing the racketeering) Their lack of response to what ought to be the most damaging professional slurs is the strongest possible giveaway to their bang-to-rights guilt.
    Your book will be an international smash and should deliver the recognition and acknowledgement your resolute efforts most certainly deserve.

  9. jmrsudbury says:

    Tony. Your sea level graph scaling is off. Your 2015 version has a red circle centered on 1990 which is beyond the 1983 date of the first graph. Is the x-axis dates available for the 1983 graph? — John M Reynolds

  10. Squidly says:

    Well Tony, despite our difference concerning the so-called “greenhouse effect” via the so-called “back radiation”, I have indeed always respected the work that you have done here, it is simply invaluable. I will continue to help to support your efforts as I have always done.

    Keep yourself safe, and keep up the good work. You can count on many of us here to have your 6.

  11. ScottFree says:

    Please show the information in static graphs. The gifs move way to fast and I am a visual graphical learner with a decent understanding of what is on the graph.

  12. Paul Homewood says:

    The rest of the world aren’t falling for the scam.

    India have submitted their plan for Paris, which involves tripling CO2, even if we pay billions!

    • Hugh K says:

      Indeed Paul. China continues to destroy a multitude of reefs and the once abundant marine life that inhabited these reefs in the South China Sea. The media reports this devastation as “island building” and the alarmists refuse to even acknowledge it is happening. And US taxpayers continue to be swindled out of billions….

  13. Eliza says:

    Mr. Verardo has replied at Climateaudit . I read this as that NSF may actually be worried now.

  14. Jeffk says:

    If real journalists still existed, and didn’t just relay eliquent but illogical speeches and press releases today, there’d be no legs to manmade climate change, still.
    Anyone with eyes and knowledge of basic logic can understand the very same forces who claim to know what’s harming the planet are simultaneously advocating and accelerating those very same forces, even more. To develop and industrialize the 3rd World on the pretext of “sustainability” and “women’s rights” (but really to expand the global middle-consumer classes) is a paradox. Just look at China and rest of Asia, and see where Africa and Latin America are headed next.

    • David, UK says:

      @Jeffk: unfortunately I think we have to look at who ownes and controls most of the mainstream media these days. There is no interest in hiring the kind of independently minded investigative journalists anymore; they only want those morally bankrupt hacks who are happy to run with the official narrative, which is why we only ever see regurgitated press releases, easy interviews and no hard questions. However, the heartening fact is that the MSM is dying on its arse. The likes of the Guardian and Independent are hanging on by a thread, propped up by investors but no one buys their papers in serious numbers. Leftist official State media such as the BBC and Auzzie ABC continue to survive only because of feeble-minded zombies who keep coughing up for a TV Permit year after year. I haven’t bought a TV Permit in my life, and never will. I cannot in good conscience pay another person money in return for the “right” to watch TV, so they can fuck right off, the Communist scum.

      • Fat Tony says:

        David, UK
        We don’t have “TV Permits” here in Australia anymore – stopped back in the early 1970s.
        The repulsive ABC gets our tax money from the Federal Government.

  15. stpaulchuck says:

    The real eye opener for me was the simple graph of the posted temperature set minus the raw temperatures – the “adjustments”. Thank you for that. It’s ‘obvious’ once you think of it, like most great ideas.

    You can tell that your campaign against this massive quango of fraud and theft of tax money is getting to them. “If you’re taking flak, you’re over the target.”

    Best of luck.

  16. Bill Taylor says:

    since the earth radiates IR waves out to space and they move in that direction because it is colder there and heat energy moves towards colder bodies, in order for co2 to cause any warming would require it REVERSE the natural movement of thermodynamics wouldnt it?

  17. Eliza says:

    First time ever the AAAS has actually stabbed Shukla in the back. maybe they are getting worried too LOL

    • David, UK says:

      Sadly, comments are now closed, and existing comments are full of the usual tiresome mudslinging of the word “Denialist” from those with unenquiring minds. Depressing.

  18. Eliza says:

    We shall see if Shukla makes a run for it back to India. Would not be surprised that all data ect will be erased… in fact its obvious that the police should have been sent in BEFORE immediately to confiscate all PC;s documents ect. the same should be done with Mann et al, and all “Climate Scientists” everywhere.

  19. TallDave says:

    On August 7, 1948, the V.I. Lenin Academy of Agricultural Sciences announced that from that point on Lysenkoism would be taught as “the only correct theory”.
    Many of Lysenkoism’s opponents, such as his former mentor Nikolai Ivanovich Vavilov, were imprisoned or even executed because of Lysenko’s and Prezent’s denunciations.
    Over 3,000 biologists were imprisoned, fired, or executed for attempting to oppose Lysenkoism at one time and overall, scientific research in genetics was effectively destroyed until the death of Stalin in 1953.[3][2] Due to Lysenkoism, crop yields in the USSR actually declined as well.[2][4]

    • Cal says:

      And the deniers of global warming are the modern-day Lysenkoists. You guys reject global warming not for any scientific reason, but because you find it IDEOLOGICALLY wrong.

      • Ross says:

        I’d love to know what you think that ideology is.

      • TallDave says:

        The distinguishing characteristic of Lysenkoism is not politically-driven belief, that exists in all sciences and indeed in all walks of life.

        Lysenkoism’s unique trait is the state enforcement of politically-driven belief.

        No one is trying to outlaw AGW, we merely ask to be allowed to question it.

  20. Eliza says:

    For a laugh from the Mirror British Climate scientist quote

    “He found that an AMOC collapse also caused heat to flow from the atmosphere into the ocean which has been witnessed in the climate change hiatus of the past 15 years.”

  21. Eliza says:

    This fellow Prof. Williams from Georgia University has shown us the way to squeeze the last drop out of big story that will affect how the public think about AGW. He has managed single handedly to get the Shukla story published in literally dozens of newspapers around the USA This is what WILL affect MSN and the majority of the public. Just one more today. Thank you Dr Williams and of Course Prof Goddard (just joking)

  22. CC Reader says:

    The following quote is from a series of articles by Dr. David Evans at Be sure to start at article #1.

    “Breaking the Intellectual Standoff
    There is an intellectual standoff in climate change. Skeptics point to empirical evidence that disagrees with the climate models. Yet the climate scientists insist that their calculations showing a high sensitivity to carbon dioxide are correct — because they use well-established physics, such as spectroscopy, radiation physics, and adiabatic lapse rates…..

    How can well-accepted physics produce the wrong answer? We mapped out the architecture of their climate models and discovered that while the physics appears to be correct, the climate scientists applied it wrongly. Most of the projected warming comes from two specific mistakes….”

  23. CC Reader says:
    Dr David Evans, 22 September 2015. Project home, Next post.

    Breaking the Intellectual Standoff

    There is an intellectual standoff in climate change. Skeptics point to empirical evidence that disagrees with the climate models. Yet the climate scientists insist that their calculations showing a high sensitivity to carbon dioxide are correct — because they use well-established physics, such as spectroscopy, radiation physics, and adiabatic lapse rates.

    How can well-accepted physics produce the wrong answer? We mapped out the architecture of their climate models and discovered that while the physics appears to be correct, the climate scientists applied it wrongly. Most of the projected warming comes from two specific mistakes.

  24. Eliza says:

    Lets hope congress acts on this because the law is being broken by NOAA and Federal Agents should be sent in to forfeit all servers, emails ect which are property of the people of the USA and Not property of NOAA as they seem to think they can break the law with impunity.

  25. Dorian says:

    To Tony Heller:

    It is admirable what you have done and are trying to do now. However, it is absolutely pointless. The government has an agenda, and you are not part of it. It matters not a dot, what you and all the people who agree with you, and I am certainly one of those, that will think, do or say. You are not going to stop anything.

    The problem is not Congress. Nor is it the IPCC, or the UN. The problem is that most of the leaders of society have become stupid with climate change because they see a buck to be made. And these leaders of society, along with the justice system, and politicians, all are part of the same social network and so they protect each other.


    You will be marginalized. Attacking you, will only martyr you, that will not happen. They will truck out all the experts they need to vilify and mitify your assertions and allegations.

    To be honest, you are fighting the wrong battle. The enemy is not Government, nor the IPCC, nor the UN, nor the Greenies. The enemy is bad education, bad standards of science, and society becoming lazy.

    Example, a little over a hundred years ago, universities introduced tenure, to protect the voice of reason that was challengening the dogmas of thousands of years. But nobody paid heed to the thought that by allowing tenure, you also allow the voice of corruption and incompetence to also thrive. That’s what we have now, tenure in universities has become corrupted to such an extent that it is now to blame for what we see now, Global Warming Moronicity and corrupt politicians making use of it. This is what happens when you institute shield laws, eventually, the corrupt take advantage of it.

    Same goes with governments, when you do have or enforce accountabililty laws. Example, the US is not part of the International Law Courts, and they still have veto power in the UN. And what do get….WAR.

    Mr. Heller, your battle is not with the Climate Morons. Your battle is the same battle we have…. corruption. If you want a better society Mr. Heller, start fighting the source of the corruption, and not the symptoms, which you seem to be all too focused upon now, for obvious personal reasons of course, which is understand.

    You want a better society? Get rid of tenure. Force more accountability upon our elected officials. That’s for starters.

    Mr. Heller, the government doesn’t need to do anything other than to paint you as a crack pot, and that will be enough to finish you. NASA, NOAA, CIA, NSA, or whatever, it matters not, they are not going to change just because of you, no matter what evidence you have. So start focusing your attention where it really is needed…. society.

  26. richard says:

    great work!!

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