USGS Says No Linkage Between Flooding And CO2

Fox News of course jumped all over the thousand year flood BS, like they do with everything they hear from climate alarmists.

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USGS says there was no thousand year flood and no correlation between flooding and CO2.

USGS provisional data and preliminary analysis show NO indication that a 1000-year flood discharge occurred at any USGS streamgages

USGS research has shown no linkage between flooding (either increases or decreases) and the increase in greenhouse gases. Essentially, from USGS long-term streamgage data for sites across the country with no regulation or other changes to the watershed that could influence the streamflow, the data shows no systematic increases in flooding through time.

USGS 2015 Appalachian Floods and Hurricane Joaquin

The good news is that Janice Dean has promised to not make that same mistake again.

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3 Responses to USGS Says No Linkage Between Flooding And CO2

  1. Stephen Richards says:

    sensible woman but I bet she will spout the alarmist crap again instead of engaging brain before opening mouth.

  2. Pathway says:

    Tony hurt poor little Janice’s feelings.

  3. NoMoreGore says:

    A lot of conservatives aren’t aware they’re being “rope a dope’d” by the left. Many conservative sites repeat progstain talking points or nonsense without even realizing it.

    Nikki Haley also made these references. Many just have no idea they’re being duped. Now, in this woman’s case, she’s supposed to know. But the majority of media today are just puppets of organized propaganda.

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