Barack Obama Fighting Terrorism


Barack Obama is keeping us safe – by protecting America from climate change induced terrorism.


He believes that the way to fight terrorism is by getting approval from the EU before we eat or adjust out thermostat.

“We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times … and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK,” Obama said.

“That’s not leadership. That’s not going to happen,” he added.

Climate change must have been a big problem in 1862, when 22,000 men fell in one day at Antietam.


Tens of millions fell from 1914-1918. Climate change must have been awful.


This is what he is up against in the battle against CO2 warming. Darlington, WI had more 100 degrees days in 1936, than it has in all of the years since combined.


During July, 1936 – Darlington had 13 consecutive days over 100 degrees.


He also believes that the way to stop terrorism is to “make electricity prices skyrocket.”

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2 Responses to Barack Obama Fighting Terrorism

  1. snedly arkus says:

    There was some unrest in Egypt and Syria that was caused by US lapdog IMF whose draconian loan requirement specified that all subsidies for food and fuel be eliminated. Unlike the US for many in the ME fuel and especially food make up a high percentage of regular citizens budget. Man instigated the problem not man made climate change.

    Syria and Libya were peaceful secular countries with Libya being very prosperous. Qaddafi and Assad held those countries together but were nowhere near as ruthless or despotic as claimed but were smeared to justify Obama’s regime change agenda. Qaddafi had to go because he was a danger to US and IMF policies and influence in Africa as he campaigned Africa for Africans and spent or lent hundreds of millions for businesses and communications all over Africa. Many Libyan’s, especially the youth with oil checks and great government bonuses and subsidies, refused to do menial jobs so thousands of Africans were given those jobs and they sent money home to their families that also helped create jobs and prosperity. All that is gone as Libya is a basket case and Africans by the thousands are joining the exodus into Europe. Thanks to the “liberation” of the huge arsenals of Libyan weapons Boko Harem went from a nuisance to an all out terror organization. Al Qaeda which had little presence in Africa is spreading out thanks to those weapons. The Sinai is also a terror hot spot with those weapons.

    The major reason to destroy Libya was to get their weapons and covertly send them to Syria to arm already in place insurgents to start a war for regime change. As with the US creation of Al Qaeda to funnel arms into Afghanistan the US needed a source of weapons that could not be traced backed to them. At that time Benghazi was the most dangerous city on the planet especially for diplomats. Any official business by Ambassador Stevens would have been conducted at the secure embassy in Tripoli yet he is doing an over night in Benghazi in an insecure compound. The CIA also had an exceptionally large contingent, almost 40 people. Why was Stevens holding secret meetings there and why the large CIA presence are questions that are never asked. The reason was to get Libyan arms to Syria and the CIA training camp set up months earlier in Jordan to arm and train “vetted” Syrian rebels.

    The US along with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and many of the Gulf States from day one are arming and funding the jihadists, there are few actual Syrian rebels, to effect regime change. Recently the head of the UN implored all parties, especially those from outside, to stop the fighting and let the Syrian people decide their fate. Obama’s reply was Assad must go. Then a week ago he signed a bill to allocating another $500 million for Syrian rebels. Obama doesn’t want this war to end until he gets his way or every last Syrian is dead. We keep hearing this blather of how the Muslims can’t get along and want to destroy the US because they hate our freedoms yet never consider the hundreds of years of efforts by western governments, with the US being the most active since WW2, in overthrowing ME governments and supporting or participating in the killing of their citizens. Or do you think they like being bombed, their cities and economies destroyed, and having to bury their loved ones because some drone operator mistook a wedding party for a gathering of terrorists. US drones are flying and wantonly killing in more than seven ME countries killing mainly innocent civilians. US citizens can’t, or won’t, make the connection that it’s bombs and drones not our freedoms that fuel the terrorist movement along with outside money to keep the killing fields alive.

  2. GeologyJim says:

    Sorry to be late in posting this, but I had to dig for the right link

    “Religion of Peace” is a greater lie than “Catastrophic Man-made Global Warming”

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