Christmas Day, 1955

On Christmas Day sixty years ago, Bette Midler was 10 years old. Odd that she doesn’t remember the record warmth in the US, or the record flooding in California that day.


26 Dec 1955, Page 1 – at

More than half of the US was over 60 degrees on Christmas Day, 1955



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  1. dp says:

    I remember Christmas of 1955 very well. My new step-dad bought me a crystal radio kit and it was magical. It was a very cold winter in Portland, OR. We had snow at Halloween, and a white Christmas. I slipped in the ice and broke a finger that never healed right. Not uncommon in the 1950’s in Portland to have snow. Horrid place.

    In May of 1956 we moved to Hawaii and I survived the horrific climate change. In fact I miss it as there is 8″ of snow outside our home in north central Washington state right now.

    My step-dad died this past summer but not before I thanked him for that radio kit as it changed my life. I went on to become an electronics engineer designing radio-telephone gear and high end wireless microphone equipment.

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