Christmas Eve 1955 Was Much Warmer


Drudge is touting the “record heat” forecast for Christmas Eve, even though most of the country will be below normal temperature.  The best Drudge could come up with was 86 degrees at Orlando.


Christmas Eve 1955 was much warmer. Three fourths of the country was over 60 degrees, and Ashland Kansas,  Geary Oklahoma and Encinal Texas were all over 90 degrees. Fort Lauderdale was 85 degrees. All of the stations below were over 60 degrees on Christmas Eve, 1955.


Last winter, the East Coast had record cold. That was ignored because it was “less than 1% of the Earth.”  But this week, the Eastern US defines the global climate.

In Irving Berlin’s 1954 musical “White Christmas” – the story line was 70 degrees in New Hampshire on Christmas eve and no snow. That was why they were “Dreaming of a White Christmas”

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8 Responses to Christmas Eve 1955 Was Much Warmer

  1. mat says:

    I think touting is a bit misleading. He’s also “touting” Rex Reeds 10 best movies. I think its called giving someone enough rope to hang themselves. As you correctly pointed out, most of the country will be cold,…. cold while reading that and watching certain people call it climate change….

    Funny how your perspective changes when your digits are falling off while reading about how hot the earth is. You tend to see the propagandist for what they are I think…

  2. Lawrence13 says:

    Although I’m 63 now I’d never seen White Christmas until several years back and in HD its a magnificent heart warming lovely family film made in the day before left Hollywood corrupt liberals promoted vile language and porn into almost every layer of the media.
    However I digress; yes that scene where all four of them arrive in Vermont from the over night train from Florida and find not only is there no snow but it surprisingly warm. and think they’ve arrived at the wrong location; was duly noted by me. They then enquire of the station master who says

    “68 degrees today folks”.

    So yes it is normal within our experience of weather to have warm and cold anomalies and it always has been.

  3. Brad says:

    Meanwhile in Raleigh NC, the temperatures being contested as records were set in 1931 and 1932. Heat that has been deleted from the US temperature record by the political hacks masquerading as scientist for NASA and NOAA.

  4. dmacleo says:

    50*s today (49 now Mid Maine) and tomorrow then monday 20 deg
    really want the colder weather these constant drastic swings hurt my cat with epilepsy.

  5. oldbrew says:

    Drudge must be dreaming of a hot Christmas.

    El Nino might give them a degree or two here and there, but so what?

  6. stpaulchuck says:

    the move title is “Holiday Inn”, not “White Christmas”

    • Old movie nut says:


      You’re confusing two different movies, easy to do, because both starred Bing Crosby, and both involved an All-Star New York musical cast traveling to a New England farmhouse to perform a special Christmas show.

      “Holiday Inn” with Bing and Fred Astaire, showcased the song “White Christmas”, and other Irving Berlin tunes, in 1942. It was filmed in B&W.

      “White Christmas” was a 1954 Technicolor film (video clip above) starring Bing and Danny Kaye. It also had an Irving Berlin score, including the title tune.

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