Trouble Ahead For Climate Alarmists


Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

Normally El Nino produces a large spike in temperature in the lower troposphere, like in 1998 and 2010. But this year’s record El Nino failed to do that, indicating that some other effect is suppressing temperatures. The El Nino is collapsing, and in a few months temperatures are likely to plummet. Then they will have to take credit for saving the planet at COP 21 – and move back to the global cooling scam.

“We cooled the planet too much!”

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4 Responses to Trouble Ahead For Climate Alarmists

  1. frederik wisse says:

    The MSM is already touting this El Nino as the strongest on record with even higher temperatures for 2016 expected than mind-you their record year 2015 ! The strong believers , the liberal socialist avant-garde , are glad to distribute any lie serving their agenda . You Americans donot let yourself being bullied by liars and choose someone who is straightforward and honest like Ted Cruz as your next president .

  2. Gary H says:

    “Then they will have to take credit for saving the planet at COP 21 – and move back to the global cooling scam.”

    NASA is already covering their bases . .

    ‘BURNING fossil fuels and cutting down trees causes global COOLING, a shock new NASA study has found.”

    Last month NASA found that Antarctica is gaining ice mass and is not contributing to sea level rise.

    Sad truth is . . the main stream media will let them get away with the switch.

  3. ralph says:

    I’ve never doubted that the first real leveling off, or noticeable fall in temperature alarmist would be the first to take credit for “saving the world”.

  4. Aurora Svant says:

    We already have a test of their reversals with the ozone hole scam : that seasonal phenomenon in antarctica has nothing to do with CFCs, which they managed to prohibit, and year after year, it shows more and more.

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