Climate Fraudster Of The Day – Julia Slingo

James Delingpole reports that Julia Slingo of The Met Office is blaming heavy winter rain on “climate change”


Global warming is not to blame for northern floods says James Delingpole | Express Comment | Comment | Daily Express

Had she actually looked at the data, she would have known that winter rain in England peaked 200 years ago. and has shown no trend over the last century.



The level of incompetence among government climate experts is off-scale.

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11 Responses to Climate Fraudster Of The Day – Julia Slingo

  1. Dave N says:

    Weather isn’t climate, unless you’re an alarmist; then you can link any events to “climate change”

  2. vuurklip says:

    Do these people ever, ever respond to evidence based criticism?

  3. omanuel says:

    Thanks, Steven, for your efforts to restore society to sanity – contact with reality.

    It appears that government funding after WWII was specifically designed to hide from the public the fearful source of energy that J. Robert Oppenheimer first described in Time Magazine on 8 NOV 1948 as the Destroyer of Worlds

    Four years earlier, while standing in the ruins of Hiroshima in August 1945, Paul Kazuo Kuroda realized the opposite, the destruction of Hiroshima was just like the birth of the world!

  4. Richard Keen says:

    1. Winter rain in the UK? Who’d have thunk!
    2. Even if it is a record, records are made to be broken. Has to happen in any stationary time series; doesn’t need climate change.
    3. Fundamental physics? Like… Maxwell’s or Planck’s equations? E=mc2? The Bohr atom? Man, this Slingo is a real quark!

  5. rah says:

    Slingo was deservidly taken to task. It seems to be that UK MET is trying to connect “severe” weather with “climate change” by implication using probabilities while at the same time trying to say they don’t link any any one event to “climate change”. It has all the appearances of ambiguous bureaucratic double-speak and sets the conditions for other officials to make claims like Slingo did. MET seems to be trying to walk down the center line of the road in order to provide cover for politicians and greens while not actually committing to a statement that would run counter to the IPCC party line and they are going to end up getting hit from both sides I believe.

    “On Monday, in a blog, we were very clear not to link the record-breaking rainfall with climate change. This is what Professor Dame Julia Slingo, Met Office Chief Scientist has said: “It’s too early to say definitively whether climate change has made a contribution to the exceptional rainfall. We anticipated a wet, stormy start to winter in our three-month outlooks, associated with the strong El Niño and other factors.

    However, just as with the stormy winter of two years ago, all the evidence from fundamental physics, and our understanding of our weather systems, suggests there may be a link between climate change and record-breaking winter rainfall. Last month, we published a paper showing that for the same weather pattern, an extended period of extreme UK winter rainfall is now seven times more likely than in a world without human emissions of greenhouse gases.”

  6. QV says:

    The above link to the Environment Agency report, does not work because the final “f” in “pdf” isn’t included in the link. When the “f” is included, it works:
    However, does anyone have a link to actual EMID data?
    I have not encountered the EMID data series, which appears to start in the early 1700’s, before.
    The oldest dataset available from the MO, the HadUKP series, only goes back as far as 1766 for England & Wales monthly data and to 1873 for Central Enland and other regions. There is no EMID data subset listed on the MO website.
    Even the E & W data suggested that rainfall was very high in the 1700’s and the it would be useful to have access to the actual data.

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