Fraudsters Romm, Mann, Trenberth Go Full Stupid On The Blizzard

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I asked two of the country’s top climatologists, Michael Mann and Kevin Trenberth, to comment on the role climate change has on this latest superstorm, which is forecast to break records.

They claim that heavy precipitation events are increasing due to global warming, based on a White House study showing that heavy precipitation events have increased since 1958.

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Why Big Blizzards In Winter Don’t Disprove Global Warming | ThinkProgress

The start date of 1958 was carefully cherry picked by White House fraudsters like Katherine Hayhoe, because that was the end of many years of drought, and was the lowest on record. Had they started the study in 1895, the trend in heavy precipitation events would be down.

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New York’s largest snowstorm occurred in 1888, which was also their coldest year on record.


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All 50 states have snow on the ground.


There is snow right on the Florida border.


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The US is buried in snow – because it is cold. YearTDeptUS (4)

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The IPCC said that global warming will “decrease heavy snowstorms.

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IPCC Third Assessment Report

Last month was warm in the East and there was no snow. This month is cold and there is lots of snow. Any child can understand that, but not the morons known as climate scientists. Cold air holds less moisture, so the collision of cold air with warmer humid air causes snow to fall. The amount of moisture held by cold air has not changed over time.

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6 Responses to Fraudsters Romm, Mann, Trenberth Go Full Stupid On The Blizzard

  1. FTOP says:


    Most people would be embarrassed at becoming the village idiot, but these fools have zero self esteem.

    Mann & Trenberth have now become propagandist whores selling their suspect “credentials” for a few gold coins.

    A man is measured by the content of his character, and these two along with Romm have proven they have no integrity.

    Perfect front men for the fraudulent circus of global warming (aka climate change).

  2. Russell Cook says:

    When Bernie Sanders blames record heat in December on global warming during a debate, ya gotta call in the cavalry the moment the temps plunge and snow is everywhere. “Younger generation understands it instinctively. I was home in Burlington, Vermont on Christmas Eve, the temperature was 65 degrees. People understand what’s going on,” he said.

  3. Ben Vorlich says:

    Is there a slight change in how warmists react to these things? Has Don’t disprove Global Warming replaced storms like this are consistent with Global Warming?

  4. Mohatdebos says:

    Can we stop referring to them as scientists. I think high priests of the anthropogenic climate change cult would be much more appropriate. Others are welcome to make additional suggestions. Please keep it clean.

  5. Frank P says:

    The myth of International Law: if there was such a thing these corrupt and mendacious bastards would all be serving time, preferably in Siberia!

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