1906 : Belief In Climate Change Is Due To Defective Memories

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23 Mar 1906, Page 5 – The Minneapolis Journal at Newspapers.com

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4 Responses to 1906 : Belief In Climate Change Is Due To Defective Memories

  1. Jacksal says:

    And now we have another thing to be freaked out about – http://www.nsf.gov/news/news_summ.jsp?cntn_id=138396&org=NSF&from=news – all the fish are going to die! And this crap from a science institute.

  2. czechlist says:

    Memory is one of many factors which make so many things (weather, crime, world affairs…) seem worse than ever. Social media and 24/7 news report about occurrences of which few people would have been aware 30 years ago. And, Gopros and iphones are capturing video we would have never seen back then.
    Here in Texas the population is growing and cities are sprawling. Hail and tornadoes have always occurred but are now hitting communities that have grown into previously remote farmlands increasing the target size. Inflation is constantly driving the property damages higher. My home was 50% destroyed by wind and softball sized hail in 1981 and that home cost less than many luxury cars which are totaled by storms today. Again in 2012 that only required a new roof.
    Recent flooding in Houston made world news. Houston is constantly expanding, paved over and built on a bayou – it doesn’t need a 17 in rainfall to flood and it has done so many times with much less rain. But there were reports blaming the floods on CAGW although Texas is supposed to be in a century long CAGW drought .
    As for my memory: I recall 113F July 1980 and -5F December 1983.
    I endured the 113F better – but hope to never experience either again.

    • Andy DC says:

      Where in Texas are you?

      The reason we keep weather records is that they supposedly gives you the absolute truth, not the embellishment and vague nature of human memories.

      I used to consider weather records as something precious and sacred. Now in the hands of NOAA, they have been reduced to a pile of bull manure.

  3. Sage Vals says:

    There’s probably something in this. Scams that involve things like the weather are much more plausible simply because people do tend to have faulty memories. It used to be a common saying that in the past the summers were warmer and winters were colder. Perhaps its because as children we are outside more – or perhaps because in those days fewer people had air conditioning.

    Most modern city dwellers are largely removed from all but the most extreme weather. Do people who work outside in all weathers have a better recollection of the weather of past years than those who don’t?

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