A Modern Day Moses In The White House

On Earth Day, Obama announces that he can stop glaciers from melting.


Obama visited the Exit Glacier. According to US Park Service documents, the melt rate of that glacier was twice as fast a century ago.

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www.nps.gov/kefj/learn/nature/upload/The Retreat of Exit Glacier.pdf

The glaciers of Alaska lost half their mass between 1900 and 1950.



In 1879, John Muir found that Alaska’s largest glacier had retreated 48 miles.

Explorer Captain George Vancouver found Icy Strait choked with ice in 1794, and Glacier Bay was barely an indented glacier. That glacier was more than 4000 ft. thick, up to 20 miles or more wide, and extended more than 100 miles to the St.Elias Range of mountains.

By 1879 naturist John Muir found that the ice had retreated 48 miles up the bay. By 1916 the Grand Pacific Glacier headed Tarr inlet 65 miles from Glacier Bay’s mouth.

Glaciers and Icebergs of Glacier Bay National Park in Southeast Alaska

Every single president going back to George Washington could have watched Alaskan glaciers retreat.

glacierbaymap (3)

glacierbaymap.gif (420×458)

It is dangerous having idiots running the country. Trump has a very different idea.

“This very expensive global warming bullshit has got to stop.”

  • Donald Trump
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7 Responses to A Modern Day Moses In The White House

  1. Ross says:

    Slightly off topic but I read where Obama said in his visit to the UK campaigning for the UK to stay in the EU that sovereignty is an outdated idea. Will this be reported in the USA MSM ? I doubt it.

  2. Tom Moran says:

    Anyone know of updated data on recent retreat?

  3. zipadee says:

    Obviously…naturally occurring global climate change is making people stupider.

  4. RAH says:

    Yea he thinks he is a modern day Moses. Besides every thing else he’s gotten himself involved in the UKs business concerning their participation in the EU. He even threatening them.

    He also has gotten himself involved in Israel’s business telling them they must give up the Golan Heights. Anyone that can read a damn map and knows a little history knows that Israel will never give up the heights because their vital to their security.

    He also recently told his Treasury Sec. to hurry it up with the changes to US currency. Tubman replacing Jackson is just the beginning apparently.

  5. frederik wisse says:

    Mr Barack Obama was trained in the islamic way of thinking , all men are brothers and must obey ! There is no place for sovereignty in this thinking . He is striving for a world government and looks at climate as a building-block to unify mankind . It is the creation of an Utopia based upon lying and cheating . If not stopped in time the results will be horrific .

  6. gator69 says:

    More like a modern day Nimrod.

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