The Surface Temperature Record Is A Farce

Ahead of Obama’s Paris meeting, Gavin and Tom made the global warming hiatus disappear. They needed to make 2015 the hottest year on record for the official propaganda.


Their data tampering was so offensive, that even Michael Mann couldn’t stomach it.


Making sense of the early-2000s warming slowdown : Nature Climate Change

Satellite data shows that 2015 was nowhere near as warm as 1998 or 2010, and that there has been no warming for nearly two decades.


NASA surface temperatures are now diverging from actual temperatures  at a rate of 1.3C/century. 21st century global warming is entirely due to Gavin and Tom’s fake surface temperature graphs.



It will be interesting to see how the scam unfolds with a new president, solar minimum and a La Nina setting in.

sst_anom (4)

sst_anom.gif (800×600)

Democrats are calling for prosecution of people who lie about the climate. People who live in glass houses probably shouldn’t throw stones.

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2 Responses to The Surface Temperature Record Is A Farce

  1. rw says:

    This is what’s so wonderful about the AGW hysteria. They’ve painted themselves into a corner, and they really can’t get out. It’s a version of the Story of the Emperor’s Clothes, but in this case they keep taking their clothes off while claiming they have more clothes on.(It’s the original Emperor’s Clothes condition as the solution to an infinite sequence or something like that.)

  2. Jason Calley says:

    If the Emperor had, in fact, been wearing pants, they would be on fire by now.

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