Forest Fires Plummeting – Climate Fraud Skyrocketing

Physics Today has achieved spectacular new levels of climate fraud. They show wildfires plummeting over the last 80 years, and conclude from this that fires are going to skyrocket.



Western US wildfires in an increasingly warming climate

Because government funded science means ignoring all of the evidence.

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19 Responses to Forest Fires Plummeting – Climate Fraud Skyrocketing

  1. Colorado Wellington says:

    So they model-simulated wildfire during the last millennium.
    Then they model-simulated temperatures to rise 1°C to 8°C by 2100.
    They also model-simulated temperatures to rise 2°C to 7°C by 2100.
    Then they model-simulated wildfire to keep dropping for a decade and rising again till 2100.

    And PhD student Derek Mallia wrote it all down.

    I expect Mogur, Hunt, Shehan and CNYclimatescientist will be about soon to defend scientism.

  2. Jack Striker says:

    Wait, what does ‘variation around pre-industrial mean’ imply? Weren’t there far more acres that burned before the industrial revolution? At least before the spiking in CO2?

    Where could they possibly be getting their “primary drivers”, when humans have been around for, oh, I don’t know, a little while longer than the last 200 years?

    • Marty says:

      Oh dear, it’s a coronal hole, and only in a certain spectrum can it be seen as it is not actually a physical hole, it’s a change in density. It is more evidence NASA and Solar thermonuclear theory is every bit as dodgy as CAGW. Inconvenient truths are hidden from the public at large.

      The same article on express has a video about trees on Mars LOLOL

      Junk science. The corona is not and never is uniform. There is no “solar dynamo”, the theory was concocted to explain things the thermonuclear model could not explain, there is not one single unifying theory for the sun, not one.

      • DMH says:

        I have the impression that big coronal holes appear when the Sun is heading into minimum phase, as it’s happening now.
        According to this paper
        in the minimum between C23-C24 they were smaller than during the previous solar minimum.
        The explanation for large hole is probably related with fast change in the magnetic fields at the equatorial region.

  3. The Physics of StUPidiTY, Today…

  4. Norilsk says:

    It looks like a hockey stick graph to me, but then I’m a Canadian.

  5. Bloke down the pub says:

    If you suppress fires then the amount of fuel available will increase over time. The greening effect of raised CO₂ will also increase the fuel load. Simple answer is to tell home owners in areas at risk that their property will not be protected, and let nature do what nature does.

    • John F Hultquist says:

      My county (in Washington State) is pushing the “FireWise” program. We’ve been to a Saturday seminar and been visited by fire-fighters. They did a walk-around and pointed out issue they thought I should work on.
      A big take-away was that if they can’t bring a truck onto the area and have at least 2 exits, your property is “tagged” (digital reference) and they will not enter. Brush and trees (Arborvitaes pushing up under the soffits!) very close to buildings will also trigger a tagging.
      We have given our insurance company the Okay to send a cutting & brushing team out here when a fire is an immediate threat in the neighborhood.

      While some of us are brushing and chipping, others do nothing.
      A person from OZ mentions that doing a “FireWise” program in Australia is illegal and can earn you big fines.

      • John F Hultquist says:

        Local researchers are creating a long term fire history by doing sediment cores (30 m. +/-) and counting charcoal and pollen. There is a change around 1850, when the white folks moved in. Fuel has been building ever since as open areas fill with trees and shrubs.

      • Colorado Wellington says:


        It is truly “wise” to pay attention to the little things the fire-fighters were pointing out. Wildfires cannot be prevented but homes in the so-called wildland-urban interface corridors sometimes do or do not survive because of very minute details. Nothing and nobody can save a structure exposed to the fury of infrared radiation and blowing hot gases if the source of the heat is close enough but there are many other homes that survived in the middle of forest fires frequently without an active defense by the fire crews.

        Many cases of lost homes show that the fire that ultimately destroyed them started the same way some of us learned as Boy Scouts or with our dads fishing. It needs a spark or ember in the tiniest pile of fuel that happens to be arranged in away that it can grow from smaller pieces of flammable material to larger and larger ones. I will never forget my father showing me how to start a fire with a single match in steady rain on a cold, bleak morning at a lake with everything on the ground completely soaked ( I will also never forget the taste of the bass we grilled above the hot coals we’d made).

        The fire-fighters inspecting your property for those minute conditions were not conducting controlled experiments but they were doing more science during their walk than the speculative tomfoolery exhibited in the above mentioned PhD student’s “text” as published in Physics Today. It reminds me of the distinction between real scientific investigation and “cargo cult science” Richard Feynman made in his 1974 Caltech commencement address.

        The above referenced “wildfire study” emulates the scientific approach in structure, vocabulary, use of graphics and such but it is completely meaningless and its only contribution is in demonstrating how timeless was Feynman’s warning against “cargo cult sciences”. On the other hand, experienced fire-fighters are paying attention to minute details the same way Paul Thomas Young did in his 1937 rat study *) that Feynman highlighted as truly scientific. The fire-fighters understand that their very lives depend on identifying those details and understanding their properties the same way the lives of the Challenger Shuttle crew depended on the physical properties of several cheap O-rings in the booster rocket fuel system.

        I believe that Feynman would approve of the fire-fighters’ approach and he would lambast the cult nonsense that passes for science today in various climate change studies the same way he condemned the space shuttle reliability assessment rituals of the NASA leadership. Unlike the catastrophic failure caused by the space agency’s managers PR and funding-centered approach to risk evaluation, the meaningless above referenced “wildfire study” and other such “climate change science” don’t kill anyone directly but their policy implications and misappropriation of funds kill by the millions.

        The individuals involved in the climate juggernaut would be well advised to learn from Feynman.

        *) This May Be One of the Most Important Rat Studies. Here’s Why You’ve Never Heard of It.
        By Ross Pomeroy
        February 13, 2014

        P.S. The relationship between the investigations of the behavior of climate scientists and rats is purely coincidental and nothing in the above comment should be interpreted as a suggestion of equivalence of the two distinct groups.

        • John F Hultquist says:

          “… because of very minute details.”

          Such as the size of the vent holes in the soffit.
          Many others.

  6. The Iconoclast says:

    Hey Tony, note on the Drought Monitor site that 0% of Texas is in drought! Andrew Dessler’s permanent drought appears to be forestalled for a while…

  7. Gail Combs says:

    Up until the 1850′s dung and wood were the major source of energy.

    This means, at least on the east coast of North America and in Europe and other parts of the world with a decent human population, there were few forests or unused fuel sources.

    What forests there were were managed and in the wilderness areas we would be unaware of fires.

    Fire has been a major tool for managing areas to provide corridors and grazing areas for food animals since prehistoric times in America and in Australia.

    It is only recently the city dwelling Snowflakes with a bad case of the The Bambi Syndrome have insisted that clearing of fire hazards around the home and controlled burning be banned.

    The result has been the expected as Jo Nova shows link

    • Marty says:

      Here in Finland there are always burns to clear out clutter.

      But when talking arctic black carbon, they seem to miss the link to their own actions :p Finland also burns copious amounts of “energy waste”, which creates acidic rain from pollution which makes soil acidic. Forests in North eastern Finland are showing the results of this very real actual pollution, not CO2, but sulfate industry, hydrogen sulfates

      CO2 induced OA is junk science, sulfates. Bisulfate to be exact are the causes of local and regional acidity issues, not CO2

    • James the Elder says:

      I remember reading a short piece by Captain John Smith when he sailed upriver from the Chesapeake Bay stating that the local tribes kept the undergrowth removed to increase visibility for hunting and fighting other raiding tribes. Then another statement attributed to George Washington complaining that from the Bay to the Blue Ridge mountains there were no trees of any abundance.

  8. The correct approach would be to bet Physics Today that the projections are false. But the mixed-economy theocracy forbids honest gambling precisely because it adds value to the production of evidence. So we turn to the past and observe that all the socialist ex-scientists arguing that ballistic missile interception “would never work” in 1985 New Scientist articles ( never abjured their prophesies after the collapse of the USSR. Instead they’ve replaced USSR with new looter acronyms and the Kyoto manifesto for transfer payments from gross materialistic regimes to the sensitive and aware dictatorships of Altruria.

  9. Marty says:

    T is this an indication that there may be stole prevention of fire suppression, because that’s the only way the trend can reverse.

    Tragic land management also plays a part, like FT McMurry.

    None of the mines were damaged in Alberta because they managed the forest around the mines.

    The forestry services had their funding cut, was this intentional? More fires for the doom machine?

    Also the US had to included non managed boreal forest burns data to show an increase in fires, where that data was not included before

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