Five Consecutive Years Of Below Normal Tornado Activity

This year marks the fifth consecutive year of below normal tornado activity in the US.


Storm Prediction Center WCM Page

The past ten years have also been the quietest on record for US hurricanes. If CO2 controls the climate, Exxon should get a huge tax credit for reducing severe weather.

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10 Responses to Five Consecutive Years Of Below Normal Tornado Activity

  1. TA says:

    Yeah, I think the strongest tornado produced this year was an EF-3, and only a few of those were produced.

    A real mild tonardo season this year. And we are happy about that.

    If this really were the “hottest year evah!”, we should be seeing numerous, strong tornadoes and numerous, strong hurricanes, because of the added heat energy in the Earth’s atmosphere, but we haven’t seen any of that for years. Something doesn’t compute.

    The promoters of CAGW have some explaining to do.

    • RAH says:

      No according to NOAA there have been 3 EF-4s this year.

      0 EF-5s.
      18 EF-3s
      64 EF-2s
      396 EF-1s
      696 EF-0/Us

    • AndrewS says:

      But if the temperature gradient between the polar regions and tropics were to increase because of polar cooling, would you expect to see numerous strong tornadoes and more hurricanes?
      I’ve seen this argument posed both ways: that both global warming and global cooling will lead to increased extreme weather. So which one is more correct? I know it has to do with latitudinal gradients and relative temperature differences. (Heat)Energy in the atmosphere, if equally distributed, would lead to nothing much to drive and create weather patterns. Wouldn’t it?

      • AndrewS says:

        Globe all warm, or globe all cool, seems to me would lead to a relative stasis in weather patterns. Whereas, globe in transition from cool to warm or warm to cool exhibits a more active weather pattern. Empirically demonstrated by seasonal transitions.

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        I’ve seen this argument posed both ways: that both global warming and global cooling will lead to increased extreme weather.

        And the conclusion from that would the existence of some ideal temperature that is causing the least extreme weather.

        The warmists, however, do not need the threat of cooling to presuppose the existence of such Goldilocks temperature. It is my favorite question to my “progressive” friends and neighbors when they start talking about the global warming threat.

        It usually creates a little stir because the never thought about it. After they recover they inform me that the ideal temperature is what it was before we changed it.

        They all love science.

  2. RAH says:

    Isn’t it amazing how the team can ignore such things when the incidence and severity is obviously way below the average. But let one good storm come through and it’s “Climate Change” in action.

  3. OrganicFool says:

    Global warming, climate change, climate disruption – these are code-words for Leftists wanting to destroy capitalism, bring global governance, and have Nanny tell us all what to do.

    Then magically, once they’ve outlawed toasters ( they will save the world. Then they can go home and feel good about themselves, because really the Left are a collection of people that feel terrible about themselves, it appears to me.

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