70 Degree Temperatures In Brazil Overwhelming Athletes!


Olympic Athletes Challenged by New Opponent: Global Warming – Bloomberg

Forecast looks brutal!  Picture perfect weather.


The 1970 World Cup was played in 100 degree weather in Mexico City, during the ice age scare. In 1974, we practiced soccer in 106 degree weather most afternoons at ASU. We had 18 consecutive days over 110 that summer, during the ice age scare.

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6 Responses to 70 Degree Temperatures In Brazil Overwhelming Athletes!

  1. Fred says:

    Wow, I read the article and that woman is evil as she will work wonders on the gullible reading.

    She brings up how it is winter in Brazil yet doesn’t indicate the average temperature there in the winter.

    She mentions how marathon records are usually broken in under 12 or 13 C weather implying that is should be the norm for the…SUMMER OLYMPICS.

    Was it that cold in China? Nope

    London? Nope

    Athens? Nope

    Atlanta? Nope

    Probably 90% of all summer olympics? Nope.

    But hey, it should be in Brazil and since it isn’t, global warming. Nevermind the forecasts are in the normal range for this time of year in Rio. Shocking that a tropical country would have nice weather all year round. I am sure the athletes there will be dying in temperatures that are the same or lower from wherever they come from.

    These global warming zealots are like religious zealots and it’s not hard to see how religions formed and carried on for thousands of years when you have such dumb people in the population who will believe whatever they are told. Won’t be long before they are claiming 20C temperatures in the summer are blazing and record highs.

  2. TeaPartyGeezer says:

    I read the article to see if they gave actual temperatures. Sure enough … in Celsius. I had to do the calculation on the numbers they gave.

    They said the forecast was for 30C on Aug 15, up from 24C on Monday (Aug 8).

    Translates into 86F on Aug 15, up from 75F on Aug 8. That’s an alarming 11 degree increase in a week.

    I must be in real trouble. My forecast says 72 Monday, 92 on Thursday … 20 degree increase in 4 days! OMG, I’m gonna fry!

    Nevermind, I just remembered … that is WEATHER!

    • Jason Calley says:

      Hey TPG! “I must be in real trouble. My forecast says 72 Monday, 92 on Thursday … 20 degree increase in 4 days! OMG, I’m gonna fry!”

      Exactly! If the trend continues (one of the favorite phrases of people who suffer from long term memory malfunction!) you will be dead before the month is out. :)

      Good luck with that!

  3. Lance says:

    Ok, drink more fluids…I do that…

  4. Caleb says:

    I think they get a bonus, for every time they stick “Global Warming” into an article where it doesn’t belong. However she may lose points, because she forgot to edit out “Global Warming” and insert “Climate Change.”

    Check out the “Ice Age Now” site. They have had plenty of winter in South America, with the passes between Argentina and Chile often blocked. Oh, and did she mention the record-setting cold they had in Brazil at the start of June?


    I didn’t think so.

  5. De Paus says:

    Cold front reaches the Rio de Janeiro 08.09.2016 at 15:42 by Josélia Pegorim

    Since the beginning of August and the beginning itself of the Olympics, athletes and the entire population is in Rio de Janeiro felt sudden temperature drops, heat stroke difference with sunny days and cloudy, windy, but did not experience the combination of rain and cold wind. Last Sunday, August 7, a cold front passed through Rio de Janeiro, but basically caused the wind and increased cloudiness. Some areas of the city had drizzles at night.

    The cold front this Wednesday, August 10, comes harder to Rio de Janeiro and promises to cause a major change in the weather.

    Rain, cold and wind coming to the Rio de Janeiro

    It said on Wednesday that the weather in Rio may cause various disorders for the public and the various modes that occur outdoors.

    This time besides the winds can be strong, you have the rain should occur in all periods, morning, noon and night. The expectation is that rain with mild to moderate intensity but enough to wet courts, lawns and sand arenas, compromising the performance of athletes.
    See the procedures that will take place outdoors on Wednesday, August 10 and some possible problems that the rain and the winds may bring athletes.

    – In the streets of Rio, the rain will complicate cycling female and male individual contrarelógio provocas. The first race is at 8:30 am and is worth medal! The track may be wet and the strongest winds interfere with performance.

    – In equestrian, dressage tests tagged for 10 hours on Wednesday may also be affected by rain.

    – Wet sand (and heavier) in the Arena Beach Volleyball because of rain on Wednesday. The matches take place from 10 am and go up to 23 hours. Furthermore, the cold wind and low temperature should disturb athletes and square.

    – Rugby 7’s at Deodoro Stadium. It has proof from 11 am Wednesday and rain should disturb. The low temperature and the cold winds should disturb the public.

    Rain Wednesday may complicate the first round of golf in the Olympics 2016 which takes place on 11, Thursday, at 7:30 am. The rain of the previous day can leave good wet field and complicate the game.

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