CNN Says They Are The Biggest Ones Promoting Hillary’s Campaign

The US press corps is as corrupt (or worse) than the old Soviet Pravda. They openly admit that they are promoting Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

They are doing the same thing they did in 2012, colluding with the White House and tampering with the election.

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23 Responses to CNN Says They Are The Biggest Ones Promoting Hillary’s Campaign

  1. Vince says:

    I remember an old co-worker of mine once telling me that CNN really stands for the ‘Clinton News Network’. Now they’re own anchors have confirmed what my co-worker said, and what most have people probably thought, myself included . Can’t say I’m surprised.

    • cdquarles says:

      CNN, aka Communist News Network started by Red Ted (props for making the Atlanta Braves a baseball team that actually won something), before it became known as the Clinton News Network, which helped Roger Ailes get Fox News going, in my opinion. Sad to see what has happened there.

  2. Vince says:

    That should read ‘what most people have probably thought’. Can’t type to save my life today.

    • Me says:

      No, most of knew it from the way they act, now they just openly say it to confirm it, I guess they think they will get a pass after Wolf Blitzer got caught. Then you have Don Lemon talking again about how small Trumps hands are with that smerk on his face. Maybe if it was Lemon kissing Coopers crotch on New Years instead of that comedian Griffin, Cooper may have enjoyed it err somethang! And Don Lemon should talk with that smerk on his face when Jason “Wee Man” Acuña from Jackass and he are the same size.:lol:

  3. Andy DC says:

    You can only imagine the loaded questions they are preparing for Trump in the debates, while hurling softballs at Hillary.

  4. KTM says:

    This was so predictable. All through the Republican primary, all these left-wing outlets gave Trump tens of millions of dollars worth of free press and fawning coverage.

    The only surprise is that they actually waited until the Conventions were over before the pulled out the sharp knives and attacked in an orgy of negativity.

    The press made Trump the nominee, and now they’re unmaking him. If you didn’t see this coming from a mile away, you weren’t paying attention the last 40 years.

    • RAH says:

      Yep it’s the same every time. The Republican nominee not only has to beat the democrat opponent but that parties media.

      • KTM says:

        Which is why selecting a nominee with such high negatives was political suicide.

        The left-wing press will spend all day with Hillary slathering lipstick on a pig. And they will take every word out of Trump’s mouth and coming off his Twitter account and parade it around like the worst thing that’s every been said.

        This one’s a gimme. We made their job laughably easy, and dramatically accentuated the influence of the media in this year’s election.

    • tonyheller says:

      It won’t work this time.

  5. Frank K. says:

    Donald Trump is definitely making some rookie mistakes, but it’s still very early. And remember – Hillary’s negatives are at least as high as Trump’s. One fortunate thing that is happening right now is the Olympics. It will take people’s minds off of politics, at least temporarily.

    And for those who wish the GOP would play nice, remember how Romney/Ryan were treated when they became the nominees. And look how badly they lost. The left wing media will NEVER be on the GOP’s side, so I see no point in trying to play nice with them anymore.

    As an aside, my family just cut the cord from cable as far as TV is concerned. No more CNN, MSNBC, or other junk channels etc. And we dropped our cable bill by 50%!

    • Me says:

      The Olympics are just or more currupt as politics, they are very much alike!

      • Stewart Pid says:

        Life is corrupt … just ask Tony about his last job.
        Some olympic performances will be amazing and they aren’t all on drugs.

        • Me says:

          And the ones thatr aren’t on drugs, there were payoffs in the background to be judged in a certain manner. Ya know like a concensus type of thing.

          • Me says:

            So you are either stronger, faster, or can jump higher, or you are in a sport that can be judged on the outcome.

          • Me says:

            Just today I watched a guy in CNN talking about surfboarding in the next olympics, Nothing he said was judgeable, just pick your line and go with it kinda thing? Make it what ya can? It’s like a painter making is mark on a fresh canvass? So how is that to be judged?

          • Me says:

            Well at least the painter making his mark on a fresh canvass is an even mark to start from, but no wave is the same.

  6. TA says:

    The Leftwing News Media is the single most dangerous organization there is when it comes to the personal freedoms of U.S. citizens. Our form of government depends on good, reliable information, in order for us to make our political choices.

    What we get from the Leftwing News Media are distortions of reality 24 hours a day. We cannot govern ourselves properly based on a false reality.

    You have to look no farther than Barack Obama to see how a dishonest Leftwing News Media can get a totally unqualified person elected president. The harm President Obama has done to this nation would not have been possible without the Leftwing News Media cheerleading for him and deliberately not vetting his qualifications or lack thereof. NBC News reporter Tom Brokaw famously said at the Democrat National Convention, he didn’t know where Obama stood on the issues, and a fellow journalist acknowledged that he, too, did not know where Obama stood, as though that were perfectly normal. They had no intention of questioning anything about Obama.

    The Leftwing News Media is currently creating another false reality where Hillary is wonderful, and Trump is the most evil thing to walk the Earth. One good thing about it, Trump is a fighter and he is not done yet by a long shot.

    People do seem to be getting wise to the MSM. They don’t poll much higher than members of Congress. Let’s hope that is enough, but when you are going against the Leftwing News Media spin, you are going against the “conventional wisdom” and it’s hard for some people to go against the conventional wisdom.

    Our Dishonest News Media is a Big Danger to all of us. They should be called out for their deceptions at every opportunity.

  7. Gail Combs says:

    The election this time around is Globalist vs Nationalist.

    What the globalist are ignoring is:
    1. The building anger over the last eight years.

    The anger at sky high unemployment, export of jobs, uncontrolled immigration, H1b visas, piss poor jobs and Obummercare causing employers to shift full time workers to part time while health cost sky rocket. (~60% raise in rates due Nov 1st. Obummer is frantically trying to postpone it till December.)

    2. Trump has energized the unrepresented middle class, blue collar, white collar voters who did not bother to vote. See 2016 Election Analysis His rallies draw tens of thousands of enthusiastic voters while Hillary has to PAY for people to show.

    3. DNC-Wikileaks Plus Jill = VERY PISSED OFF Bernie supporters who are leaving the Democratic party — #DemEXIT. THEY are the ones who will not vote, vote #JillNotHill (Jill Stein, Green Party) or perhaps will vote Trump as a large middle finger to the Dems. Rember the Bernie voters were close to 1/2 of the democratic party!

    4. About a year ago a poll (Gallop?) showed trust in the MSM had dropped to about 6%. A recent on line poll by CNN, after the Khan-Con showed Trust in Trump 97% and Trust in media was 3%. The over the top temper tantrums over idiotic stuff is just opening eyes not changing minds. Political Correctness is now dead — Trump delivered the killing blow over a year ago.

    Rasmussen before it was bought by a Leftie, had a 2010 poll showing the breakdown in ~2010 was 1/3 Republican, 1/3 Democrat, and 1/3 TEA PARTY! This is why the Tea party was called racist and then destroyed from within. However those P.O.ed voters are still out there and Trump is now their leader.

    A comment at the Conservative Tree House by a Real Housewives of NYC fan. (TV show??? I quit watching over 40 years ago)

    August 4, 2016 at 12:55 am
    ……super lib host Andy Cohen has a show called Watch What Happens Live where he has cast members and super lib celebrities on to recap and chat. Last month they did a poll so amazing I saved it to screen shot for CTH but haven’t gotten around to it. He smugly asked on the phone poll who people were voting for, Hillary or Trump. The results? Trump 65% Hillary 35%. He looked totally shocked and so did his guests.

    Cohen was so shocked he said he’d do it every month until the election. So tonight was the follow up poll. Given today’s rounds of false polls I expected a complete reversal, figuring he’d rig the votes. Results: Trump 62% Hillary 38% – so a 3% dip for Trump and gain for Hillary. After the recent DNC, the #KhanJob, Babygate, and naked Melania, on a channel known for it’s pro gay and lib programming, only a 3% gain for Hilldog. Again, shocked guests but the host not as much. Cohen went on to say he would stop making fun of Trump bc his Bravo Real Housewives fans are clearly Trump voters….

    That poll was a couple days ago and suggests that Hillary is only getting the mind dead DemonRat vote and NOT the Tea party/independents.

    Alternate information shows Trump raised $80M in July with over a million of us small dollar donors contributing. Average donation was under 100 dollars (Sixty something IIRCC) While Hillary’s donors are the crony capitalists.

    Thanks to the internet people all over the world are waking up and smelling the Globalist STENCH. People like me are actually getting involved. Not only are people voting for the first time in years, They are donating and getting physically involve.

    Paul Nehlen with a cash starved campaign and a troop of dedicated people is knocking on thousands of doors and explaining Illegal immigration and the Trans-pacific Partnership. Rotten Lying Ryan is running scared. With luck the grass roots will oust Ryan and give Wisconsin a decent choice to vote for.

    The biggest problem is voter fraud.

    Hacking Democracy – Full Documentary

    However people are now aware of voter fraud. Trump has his own polling people AND he will not only fight, he has many many voters who will raise a real ruckus if the globalist try to steal this election. —- The Sleeping Giant has awakened and is ROYALLY PISSED!

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