Hottest Temperatures In The US Plummeting

The White House claims that increased CO2 emissions will lead to a huge increase in heat across the US


 Extreme Weather | National Climate Assessment

NOAA data shows that the exact opposite is occurring. The frequency of hot days has dropped off sharply in the US.


In 1936 the average hottest temperature of the year, measured across the 1200 USHCN stations was 105 degrees. This year so far has been the lowest on record at 95 degrees.


As CO2 has increased, the hottest temperatures in the US have plummeted.


Climate science is not a science. When people make claims which are the opposite of the data, they are committing fraud. They are propagandists who are intentionally deceiving the public,

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4 Responses to Hottest Temperatures In The US Plummeting

  1. Nelson Woodard says:

    Tony, I very much enjoyed your presentation. Is the data that you are using in the above graphs the raw or adjusted data? I think it would add clarity if you would add which data you are using when you post. Keep up the good work.


  2. Andy DC says:

    I know global warming is a fraud, you know that global warming is a fraud and almost everyone that comments on your blog knows it is a fraud.

    The question is how to get the word out to the public at large, those that have not delved into the subject the way you have. You still have huge numbers of people believing that the consensus of scientists is that global warming is real and man made. How do we cut through all that crap and inform every voter between now and November 8th, that global warming has no basis in reality or scientific fact?

    We finally have a potential future President on our side. He needs to be completely knowledgeable about the subject and able to articulate our position. I just hope it is possible to give him the necessary information and fortitude on the subject.

  3. GWS says:

    Andy – I think we need to speak to the youth, in their language, make it sound cool and new, like “anyone with a brain” could see the science that AGW is a con-job. Say, “everybody knows,” a lot, and “everyone with half a brain,”then they will listen. The problem is this strategy denies the infallibility of the “expert”, the scientist, THEIR scientist, which hits at the heart of their highest faith. It’s like killing Jesus. Lead them down to the slum villages of the future after generations of mindlessly following this globalist dysphoria.. Something like Soilent Green.

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