Massive Increase In Arctic Sea Ice Over Last Year

Experts say that the Arctic is melting down.

The area of 1.5 meter (5 foot) thick ice in the Arctic has more than doubled over last year, and total volume has massively increased. The animation below shows only ice 1.5+ meters thick.


Scale in meters

2015     2016

Look for NSIDC to continue pushing the Arctic melting scam, for as long as they can continue to make money off it.

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35 Responses to Massive Increase In Arctic Sea Ice Over Last Year

  1. Stewart Pid says:

    Tony … maybe highlight the 1.5 and greater sea ice thickness criteria for your comparison for those reading quickly or otherwise detail challenged. I had a WTF moment and went and looked at DMI and then came back and read more carefully to see what u had done ;-)
    It is a great comparison!! I wonder why the alarmists won’t mention these type of details -sarc.

  2. Sunsettommy says:

    The warmists wailing over the Arctic is hilarious since it doesn’t even support the AGW conjecture anyway.

    They lie like hell now over the region because they are scums who are so wedded to the stupid dead on arrival propaganda.

  3. Neal S says:

    I notice a blob of 1.5 meter or more thickness ice right where our Polar Ocean sailors might like to go through. They may need the aid of that “Tugs & Special craft” that is currently right outside the cove where the Northabout is anchored.
    (might have to scroll up to see them)

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      Our intrepid Polar Ocean Challenge sailors should use Captain Nikolay’s connections to the authorities and lodge a protest against the total waste of Russian taxpayers’ resources in the Arctic. The nuclear icebreaker Yamal has been conducting needless pleasure rides back and forth through the Laptev Sea since at least July 29th. Is the icebreaker crew pretending to break up non-existent ice that even British schoolchildren know had already been melted by global warming?

      Today Yamal found itself inexplicably in the Vilkitsky Strait despite the fact that the Northabout crew had already reported the strait was passable and didn’t need any icebreaker work. Every young person from Wicked Weather Watch in the far away United Kingdom received this unbiased information. *)

      Why does the Captain of the Yamal ignore these facts?

      *) David Hempleman Adams and The Polar Ocean Challenge are proud to be working with Wicked Weather Watch

      Registered charity 1133006

      Wicked Weather Watch aims to provide clarity for young people about climate change and global warming.

      By giving those young people access to unbiased information brought to them first hand by scientists, adventurers and explorers who spend time in remote areas of the world which are affected by climate change. The personal experiences of such people who have travelled the world over many years and seen the changes over those years first hand, is a powerful tool to bring home the realities of climate change, and also aims to capture the imagination of young people. We work with schools across the UK, and internationally through the materials we provide through our website .

  4. Steve Fraser says:

    Cool, Tony! Glad to see 10′ or more ice right at the pole, and excellent thickness off of Greenland and Canada.

    It is amazing that, with all the ‘heat’ about polar ice, volume this year is just as midge below the avg, and so much better than last year.

    Thanks so much for your valuable work.

  5. Andy DC says:

    We are rapidly running out of time to do much with such thick ice.

  6. AndyG55 says:

    Posted this yesterday

  7. Brian D says:

    The upcoming week shows low pressure again being the dominant feature of the arctic basin. And temps will be down in response.
    Sat 6th

  8. RAH says:

    Brian D and everyone else. Is it not the wind direction far more than temperature or pressures (other than those that accompany a sustained storm) that will determine if Stuckabout becomes Northabout again?

    • Rud Istvan says:

      Wind direction then temp, then clear sky so sun can help melting.

    • Brian D says:

      I wasn’t really addressing the ship of fools with these maps. Just the general weather for the basin, and how much colder and stormy it will be for the upcoming week. As far as the ship of fools goes, they may get there chance in a few days, it’s hard to say, but the weather will not be very pretty regardless. Wind speed and direction are crucial for them, as that will help determine where the ice will be or not.

  9. T M says:

    How can there be more Arctic ice than last year? 2015 was the hottest year ever and 2016 is even hotter. Does Arctic ice form as it takes up energy? A real mystery.

  10. Neal S says:

    Polar Ocean has another ships log update

    ” we had Sergei in Murmansk, he sent through two lots of information. ”
    “So maybe we will run out of Vodka, then we get going.”

    “We are safe and sound and in no danger, so why move until we can get a straight passage.”

    “Sergei is not going fishing this weekend, he is going into the office for us, to keep us posted. ”

    And the Russian ice charts are up

  11. Neal S says:

    And Constance Difede, also has a blog update. …

    “Winter arrived. It has been four days since anyone has ventured beyond the cockpit”

    ” We continue to work through the fresh food from Murmansk. How many ways can you cook potatoes? Tomorrow we will have a party to celebrate Denis’ birthday.

    Boiled potatoes, with herring and vodka.”

  12. Gonzo says:

    Where that sail boat is currently sitting out a storm with howling winds and drifting ice earth nullschool SST anomaly chart shows that exact area to have WAY above normal SST anomalies! The most recent post by one of the crew even said “winter has arrived with slushy snow and air temps of 2C. DMI is showing temps dropping and the Greenland ice sheet melt having already peaked. What gives?

  13. Crashex says:

    It’s all about which way the wind blows. In the years leading up to 2007 there was an exceptionally strong transpolar drift that pushed the MYI out the Fram Strait to melt in the Atlantic. Large intrusions of open water were visible on the Pacific side of the Basin.

    In the intervening years the source of the persistent northward wind vector has progressed across Siberia and then Laptev, moving eastward. The Beaufort Gyre returned but the wind still pushed the ice toward Greenland and the Archipelago, shoving ice near the pole toward the Fram Strait and leaving the open water regions in the Laptev region of the Basin.

    This year was markedly different, the root of the northward wind this winter was from the Barent Sea. That made the winter a bit warmer at the pole, though still plenty cold to promote freezing, and stacked up the rapidly freezing thin ice into thick ridges in the region north of Greenland and Barents, near the Pole. The other big difference is the Transpolar Drift was very weak and remarkably little ice was pushed out the Fram. The existing MYI was not flushed out of the Basin. Cryostat showed the thick mound form through the winter and spring. But, unlike past years, the Transpolar drift did not push the thicker ice and MYI near the pole toward the Fram Strait.

    If the ice near the pole and north of Greenland stays around through September (it’s plenty thick enough), and the persistent strong Beaufort Gyre and weak Transpolar drift phase that’s been present this year persists, then a big step up in MYI growth could be in the works.

    It’s all about which way the wind blows.

  14. Crashex says:

    This Figure from PIOMAS site shows the persistent wind pattern this year:

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