NASA Exaggerating Global Warming By 2X

NASA currently shows a total of 1.5C warming in their land only temperature record.

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But the 1999 version of their data showed about 0.7C warming from 1866 to 1998.

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NASA clearly does not agree with NASA, so which version is correct? A good way to check is by comparing the NASA data with satellites. Through the year 1999, NASA surface temperatures agreed with satellite temperatures – but have diverged sharply since then. NASA shows continued warming since the year 2000, but satellites show none.

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Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

This makes the post-2000 NASA data look very suspect. If we splice the satellite data on to the last reliable NASA surface temperatures from 1999, we see a total of 0.75C warming over the past 150 years – half of what NASA is currently showing for their entire data set.

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Gavin claims that July 2016 “was absolutely the hottest month since the instrumental records began.

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The instrumental satellite record showed that Gavin was absolutely not telling the truth. July was nowhere near as warm as 1998 or 2010.

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Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

Gavin’s claims of record heat are simply not defensible. He is claiming records by tiny margins – which are much larger than the discrepancies with more accurate techniques.

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