NOAA Adjustments Increase US July Warming By 1,000%

NOAA shows July temperatures increasing at 1.0F per century since 1895, with 2012 tied with 1936 as the hottest July.

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 6.16.18 AM

Climate at a Glance | National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)

The actual raw temperature data they use to generate their graph, shows one tenth as much warming from 1895 to 2016, with 1901, 1936 and 1934 as the hottest years. Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 6.15.56 AM

If 1895 is removed, there is no warming at all.

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 6.49.44 AM

NOAA creates this warming by massively cooling the past. They got rid of the hot 1901 by cooling it 2.13 degrees. The cooled 1936 by by 1.13 degrees and cooled 1934 by 1.11 degrees. That is what it took to elevate 2012 to the hottest July.

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 6.22.29 AM

A good measure of how fraudulent the NOAA adjustments are, is the percent of days over 90 degrees. July 1936, 1901, 1934, 1931, 1930 and 1954 all had more days over 90 degrees than 2012 did, yet NOAA shows 2012 as the hottest. The frequency of 90 degree days in the US has declined since the start of records in 1895. July 2016 (NASA’s hottest July ever) was almost exactly average since 1895.

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 6.29.58 AM

Another very good measure of how fraudulent the NOAA graph is, is the number of July daily maximum temperature records. The 1930’s were much hotter than any recent years.

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 7.19.59 AM

The claimed warming trend in the US is completely fake, and is altered by people at NOAA who are being paid to push the global warming agenda. Before they were paid to push anthropogenic warming, the very same people at NOAA (i.e. Tom Karl) knew that there was no US warming.


U.S. Data Since 1895 Fail To Show Warming Trend –

The US makes up less than 10% of the land surface, but contains the majority of the high quality long term temperature monitoring stations for this planet. The global surface temperature record is a farce, which is why the US data is so important.

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12 Responses to NOAA Adjustments Increase US July Warming By 1,000%

  1. TA says:

    Great post, Tony. I’m bookmarking it.

    The real global temperature chart should look just like the U.S. temperature chart, not the scary “Hockey Stick” charts the Climate Change Gurus generate to promote their CAGW theory. The Hockey Stick chart is the ONLY thing they can show people to back up their CAGW claims.

    The Hockey Stick chart has done enormous damage to science, to public policy, and to the potentila wasting of TRILLIONS of dollars, and then Tony shows the Hockey Stick chart is a complete fraud.

    The Hockey Stick creators have done tremedous damage to humanity, and to the Earth itself, with their lies and deceptions. They should be held accountable for the false reality they have created out of whole cloth.

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  3. Douglas Hoyt says:

    If they cooled 1901 by 2 degrees, there must be days when they are claiming a frost occurred, but contemporary accounts (newspapers, diaries) have no mention of frosts on those dates. Might be worth looking into.

  4. Steve Case says:

    And again, here are those links to those seven states where the Maximum temperature trend is negative all the way back to the 19th century:







    West Virginia

    And the map:

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  6. E. Martin says:

    Very interesting and appropriate for your readers but still a little too complex to send to representatives and newspapers — a very simple clear easy to understand message is what we need to help educate such people.

  7. Andy DC says:

    You could contend that the dirty 1930’s was a fluke of some kind, as alarmists often do. Or claim that dust storms and extreme heat of the 1930’s were a result of hateful, ignorant, misogynistic white men that incorrectly plowed the soil.

    Yet even if you buy into that drivel and adjust the 1930’s out of existence, there is still no trend toward more July temperature records.

  8. jim Coles says:

    I just read the NYT’s latest assault on reason and sanity — a 34 paragraph story that mixes features and news styles — on the inundation of the East & Gulf coasts by rising seas driven by AGW effects.
    The LeftEcoLoons at the “Newspaper of Record” used a combination of anecdote & twisted/fabricated (quasi) statistics to make an emotive point — with hardly a verifiable fact to be found in all of those paragraphs.
    That’s the Enviro-Left’s M.O. — emote, pander, distort. It’s almost a shame that Bob Webster’s columns on the environment & the politics surrounding the subject; along with the “Climate Depot” blog are not required reading.
    Truth will eventually win-out but how many billions of dollars and how much opportunity will be lost before these loons are finally destroyed?

  9. Tim H says:

    I have a newbie question. How does one get the raw temperature data? I can reproduce the first graph using the “Climate at a Glance” page on the NCEI site, and I can download the adjusted data from the same page and calculated the same trend and average. But it’s not clear to me how to get the raw data. Is it available in the “Data Information” area somewhere?

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