Racial Oppression In America

The 49er’s QB lives the American Dream, and says he is oppressed in America.

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 10.46.46 AM

He was abandoned by his black father and raised by a white couple who helped him achieve the American dream. He now lives in a $2.7 million symbol of oppression.

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Colin Kaepernick’s House in San Jose, CA – Virtual Globetrotting

Here are some pictures of the oppression he feels every day inside his home.

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 10.48.48 AM Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 10.48.19 AM

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 10.49.04 AM

What’s the Latest on Colin Kaepernick XXIII

Progressives create monsters like this. Vote for Gary Johnson instead of the GOP candidate, if you want to live through another four years of progressive insanity.

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