The Climate Fraud Crescendo Continues

The climate fraud is coming so fast now, it is a full time job to keep up with it. Latest claim is that beach homes in the Los Angeles area are going to drown in 40 years.

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 3.12.48 PM

Which L.A. Homes Will Face the Consequences of Global Warming? | Hollywood Reporter

The lowest elevation homes in Malibu are 12 feet above sea level.

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Sea level at LA is rising less than 1 mm/year, and has shown no signs of accelerating as CO2 has risen over the past 90 years.


Sea Level Trends – State Selection

It will take nearly 4,000 years for sea level to reach those houses. Forty years from now, the change in sea level will be less than two inches. Climate scientists simply make up facts and lie about everything.

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