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Must Watch Rant From Judge Jeanine

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Don’t Watch This Video : Highly Offensive

This video is very offensive, and is possibly the best description of modern American politics. Starting Trump as a dick, The GOP as pussies, and the Clintons as a……s.

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Bill And Hillary – Attacking Women Generation After Generation

22 Dec 1993, Page 2 – The Republic at Newspapers.com

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Worst Fires In US History – 145 Years Ago Today

On this date in 1871, Chicago burned to the ground. But that wasn’t the biggest fire that day. ┬áThe largest and deadliest fires in US history burned further north around Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. 03 Feb 1872 – THE … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton – Washington DC Criminal For Over 40 Years

Twenty years ago, Hillary was a well known crook in Washington DC 22 Dec 1978, Page 2 – Indiana Gazette at Newspapers.com Hillary was also known to be a crook when she worked on Nixon’t impeachment in 1974. 24 Nov … Continue reading

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Trump’s Best Day Ever?

I wonder if Trump released the Billy Bush video? If he did, it was a brilliant move. He now has the freedom┬áto unload on sexual predators Bill and Hillary Clinton. Hillary’s closest assistant is married to a Paedophile. Just yesterday, … Continue reading

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