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Must Watch Rant From Judge Jeanine

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Don’t Watch This Video : Highly Offensive

This video is very offensive, and is possibly the best description of modern American politics. Starting Trump as a dick, The GOP as pussies, and the Clintons as a……s.

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Bill And Hillary – Attacking Women Generation After Generation

22 Dec 1993, Page 2 – The Republic at Newspapers.com

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Worst Fires In US History – 145 Years Ago Today

On this date in 1871, Chicago burned to the ground. But that wasn’t the biggest fire that day.  The largest and deadliest fires in US history burned further north around Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. 03 Feb 1872 – THE … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton – Washington DC Criminal For Over 40 Years

Twenty years ago, Hillary was a well known crook in Washington DC 22 Dec 1978, Page 2 – Indiana Gazette at Newspapers.com Hillary was also known to be a crook when she worked on Nixon’t impeachment in 1974. 24 Nov … Continue reading

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Trump’s Best Day Ever?

I wonder if Trump released the Billy Bush video? If he did, it was a brilliant move. He now has the freedom to unload on sexual predators Bill and Hillary Clinton. Hillary’s closest assistant is married to a Paedophile. Just yesterday, … Continue reading

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