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Mosher Says You Can Get Any Shaped Temperature Graph You Want

Warming, cooling ….. whatever. Just pick and choose your data and methods.  Top science.

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Brilliant Anti-Hillary Ad – In Her Own Words

Pass this on to as many people as you can. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_MCgyjZPVc Trump’s lead is too small to get complacent. We have lots of work to.

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NASA Fraud In Balmorhea, Texas

Balmorhea, Texas has been cooling since the 1940’s. Gavin doesn’t like this, so he lowers 1940’s temperatures by about 1C, and turns cooling into warming. Data.GISS: GISS Surface Temperature Analysis There is no question that the area was warmer in … Continue reading

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Rutherford B. Hayes – Installed By Conspiracy And Fraud

6 Mar 1877, Page 1 – The Cincinnati Enquirer at Newspapers.com

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1974 – Droughts, Floods, Blizzards, Tornadoes And Hurricanes Blamed On Global Cooling

In 1974 our top climate experts reported global cooling, and blamed all bad weather on it. All of the climate agencies in the US and Britain reported major global cooling – and no net warming over the previous century. 14 Jul … Continue reading

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1970 – Top US Climatologist Predicted A New Ice Age

In 1970, the top government climatologist predicted a new ice age, and said Earth had been cooling for 6,000 years. 24 Jan 1970  – Trove NASA and Columbia University predicted the new ice age would begin by the year 2020. … Continue reading

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Baffin Bay Was Ice-Free During The Medieval Warm Period

According to Britain’s top climate expert, Baffin Bay was ice-free year round one thousand years ago. 13 Mar 1969 – New Ice Age threatens Europe – Trove This year was the hottest year ever, and Baffin Bay was blocked with … Continue reading

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Malik Obama Questions If Barack Is Actually An Obama

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The Last Time The Cubs Played In The World Series

It has been over 70 years since the Cubs played in the World Series, and that happened back in the days when Chicago was still warm. Chicago Tribune Archive | April 23, 1984

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Four Years Of Complete Idiocy From Barack Obama

Four years ago tonight, Obama said he had ended the war in Iraq (which he now says he is about to end again.) He announced that he would bring the Benghazi attackers to justice (Obama jailed a random YouTube filmmaker.) … Continue reading

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