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California Permanent Drought Update

Experts say California is in a permanent drought, caused by global warming and disappearing Arctic ice. Precipitation there was above normal over the past 12 months, and there has been no trend over the past 120 years. Climate at a … Continue reading

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Katherine Hayhoe’s Stable Climate

In a  recent speech, Katharine Hayhoe said the climate was stable at 0.0003 mole fraction CO2, but now is “far past stable” at 0.0004 mole fraction CO2. This 1:10,000 increase in atmospheric CO2 over the past century is equivalent to packing an extra … Continue reading

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Washington Post Endorses Watergate Criminal For President

Hillary’s boss at the Watergate investigation described her as an incompetent, dishonest lawyer. The Washington Post just endorsed her for president. “Week after week,” writes Zeifman, “flawed legal opinions and dubious procedural rules were being churned out by Rodham “Hillary … Continue reading

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