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Rising Stupidity Levels Threaten The UK Press

The Telegraph says rising sea levels threaten to drown the Yorkshire Dales out of mountain-hood.  I was at the Yorkshire Dales earlier this summer, and the mountains appeared quite robust. Climate change threatens status of several British mountains | Daily … Continue reading

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More Mind Blowing Fraud From The Press

Trump joked with Howard Stern that he had an obligation to sleep with a contestant who approached him for sex. and the criminals in the press report it as “contestants had an obligation to sleep with him.” The exact opposite of … Continue reading

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The Last CNN Debate – Blatant Collusion With The Democrats

The last time CNN did a presidential debate, they blatantly colluded with and cheated for Barack Obama. So much so that Obama was unafraid to blurt it out on national television.

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Anderson Cooper Horror

Anderson Cooper Smiling Anderson Cooper likes to simulate oral sex on national TV, but is horrified by a rapper supporting Trump. Anderson Cooper Frowning

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Bill Clinton Is A Rapist – The GOP Establishment Wants Him Back In The Oval Office

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US Hurricanes Continue Their Decline

The number of hurricanes striking the US peaked in 1886, and have been declining ever since – as CO2 has increased. HURDAT Re-analysis As CO2 has increased, the number of hurricanes hitting the US has decreased The total hurricane intensity … Continue reading

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2000 : Hillary Asked Trolls To Cover Up Her Anti-Semitic Remarks

In 2000, Hillary Clinton asked her trolls to send in fake angry letters to newspapers which had reported on her calling a staffer a “F*cking Jew Bastard.” 20 Jul 2000, Page 1 – The Journal News at Newspapers.com She was … Continue reading

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