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National Science Foundation : Sea Level To Rise 70 Feet

The National Science Foundation predicts 70 feet of sea level rise. Global Sea Level Likely to Rise as Much as 70 Feet in Future Generations | NSF – National Science Foundation This is a big improvement from sixty years ago, … Continue reading

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New York Post : Falling Sea Level Threatens Astronauts

The New York Post says rising seas at the Marshall Islands threatens astronauts within 20 years. Global warming may destroy $1B system to protect astronauts | New York Post Had they done any actual research, the New York Post would have … Continue reading

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Indonesia Doubles Coal Use, Ratifies “Climate” Treaty

Indonesia’s Parliament Ratifies Paris Climate Change Deal – The New York Times Indonesia just ratified Obama’s fake climate treaty, as they double coal usage – which is now the dominant source of energy in the country. Indonesia’s coal consumption remains high: … Continue reading

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NASA Hiding The Decline In Sea Level And Temperature

In 1963, The Guardian reported that since 1940 global temperatures were declining, sea level rise was slowing, and glaciers were growing. Sea level rising less rapidly By 1974, The Guardian said global cooling was the greatest threat mankind had ever faced. , … Continue reading

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No Sea Level Rise At Lower Manhattan For 20 Years

The world’s most brilliant and famous climatologist, Dr. James Hansen of NASA, predicted Lower Manhattan would be underwater no later than the year 2018. he was still predicting that as late as 2001. Stormy weather – Salon.com Sea level at Lower … Continue reading

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Andy Revkin Imagines He Controls The Climate

Can Humans Go From Unintended Global Warming to Climate By Design? – The New York Times Forty years ago, climatologists wanted to melt the Arctic to stop global cooling. newsweek_coolingworld.pdf

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The Third World Country That Barry And Hillary Made

If you can watch this video and still vote Democratic, you are mentally ill.

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NASA Tripling Warming – By Good Old Fashioned Data Tampering

If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts. Albert Einstein

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