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Bernie Says The Election Is Rigged

Like Donald Trump, Bernie sanders also believes the election is rigged. (83) U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders – Timeline The only problem is that Bernie is too stupid to realize the Koch Brothers are funding Hillary, not Trump.

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America’s Worst Hurricane Season – 1886

The US was hit by seven hurricanes in 1886, including one during this week 130 years ago. The October, 1886 hurricane caused a massive storm surge at Sabine Pass, Texas – then moved north to the Great Lakes causing storm surges … Continue reading

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Climate Scientists Published A Paper Debunking Themselves

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former. Albert Einstein Ted Cruz correctly asserted that climate models over-predict warming. This caused a group of climate scientists to hysterically parrot their normal pack … Continue reading

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More On The NOAA Texas Temperature Fraud

Texas has been cooling since 1895, but that doesn’t suit NOAA’s global warming agenda. So they keep cooling the past further and further to create the appearance of a warming trend. The animation below shows changes to NOAA’s published temperatures over the … Continue reading

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