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DNC Head Says It Is Illegal For Hillary Clinton To Attack FBI Director Comey

One more in the long list of Hillary’s crimes.

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Eight Years Of Hope And Change

Eight years ago this week I went to see Obama speak at the CSU campus. He talked for twenty minutes and said nothing. He was creepy, manipulative and the crowd looked and acted like zombies. Today I went to a … Continue reading

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Symptoms Of Global Warming And Global Cooling Are Identical

Experts say that cold weather and western drought is caused by global warming and disappearing Arctic ice. Global warming makes the jet stream take deep dips into the Eastern US, causing cold in the east and drought in California. New … Continue reading

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Climate Fraud Is Unequivocal, Substantial And Ongoing

Hot off the press. A new study complete with a carefully cherry-picked start date of 1980 and based on fraudulent data – designed to mislead and misinform the reader. Nonlinear response of mid-latitude weather to the changing Arctic : Nature … Continue reading

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