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New Members Of Hillary’s “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy”

Hillary Clinton says there is a vast right wing conspiracy against her. This conspiracy now includes Wikileaks and Russia

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Increasing Is The New Decreasing

Obama says he is saving the planet by signing a deal to increase China’s CO2 emissions for the next 15 years. US, China enter landmark climate pact | Fox News The deal explicitly states that China’s CO2 emissions will increase … Continue reading

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More Spectacular Fraud About Forest Fires

The latest massive fraud from climate scientists is about increasing forest fires “until the trees run out.” Global warming doubles size of forest fires in US West, study finds | The Independent They started the study right at the low … Continue reading

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More Spectacular Fraud At The Clinton News Network

Trump crushed Hillary in the debate, and CNN needed a propaganda coup to prop her up. So they made up a fake poll. They took a group of 58% Clinton supporters, and announced that 57% said Clinton won. They must have … Continue reading

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Republican Elite Supporting A “Congenital Liar”

Everyone, including the New York Times knows that Hillary Clinton is a congenital liar, and they have known it for at least 20 years. Paul Ryan and the Bushes want her in the White House. Essay;Blizzard of Lies – The … Continue reading

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