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October 7, 1954

On this date in 1954, Hurricane Hazel was getting organized and temperatures were over 100 degrees in much of the south. About 25 degrees warmer than today.

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4,001 Days

It has been 4,001 days since the US was hit by a major hurricane. During October 1893, the US was hit by two major hurricanes within 11 days, after a devastating one in August which killed 2,000 people. 1893 Atlantic … Continue reading

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Landfall In South Carolina?

One of the web sites I have been looking at has been very accurate so far, and they are predicting landfall in South Carolina tomorrow. There could be a dangerous storm surge associated with this. Weather Street:Clouds and Precipitation Forecast Movie

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The Anderson Cooper Climate Ambush

Word is that Anderson Cooper is planning a climate ambush for Trump at the debate on Sunday. I am in contact with Trump’s staff and have given them these answers. If he uses them, he will walk through the ambush … Continue reading

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Most Powerful Storm ….. Ever

Major hurricane with 65 MPH winds at the surface! A Category 4 propaganda event.

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