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2000 : Democrats Rejected Election Results – Said Jeb Bush Rigged The Election

11 Nov 2000, Page 8 – The Courier-Journal at Newspapers.com

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Refusing To Accept The Election Results

The Guardian refuses to accept the Brexit vote. Theresa May ‘acting like Tudor monarch’ by denying MPs a Brexit vote | Politics | The Guardian The same Guardian is very angry at Donald Trump for not giving them a blanket … Continue reading

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Holding Back Sea Level Fraud

Climate fraudsters in Alameda, California say that sea level rise is going to drown them. Holding back rising sea levels in the City of Alameda | KALW Had they done any research, they would know that sea level at Alameda … Continue reading

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Left Wing Hacks Politifact Caught Lying Again

Politifact says Hillary doesn’t want open borders. Privately, Hillary says she does want open borders. WikiLeaks – The Podesta Emails

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A Giant Among Us

We have now passed eleven years since a major hurricane struck the US. At a Senate hearing on hurricanes eleven years ago, Dr. Bill Gray told the truth about global warming. Bogus science and media hype driven by scientists to … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton Opposes The Right To Bear Arms

The District of Columbia had a law making it illegal to have any type of functional firearm in your possession. Residents could not own any handgun, and could only have a rifle or shotgun if it was at home and disassembled … Continue reading

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The Hillary Nutcase

Hillary was terrible tonight, with that horrid smirk and no ideas. But what hurt her the most was her bizarre behavior where she kept talking and talking and talking after Chris Wallace had already told her she was done and … Continue reading

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Syrian Kid Video Is Fake

In tonight’s debate, Hillary made a fake picture of a 4 year old Syrian boy the centerpiece of her imaginary foreign policy.

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